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Semi-supervised implementation of a DNN for mass prediction from sparsely labeled images
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Mass Estimation from Images with Sparse ground Truth using DNN


The code provided herein is implemented in TF1.12 and compatible with Eager mode. To run the code, simply run the with specifying the following arguments directly in terminal.


1- Numpy 2- tqdm 3- termcolor 4- matplotlib 5-pickle


  • '-n', '--network_size', default=None, type=int, help= '(9: RES9E, 16:RES16E) -- default set to: RES9ER'
  • '-b', '--batch_size',default=8, type=int,help='(between 1<=b<=215 (smallest log size=215). depends on GPU/CPU ram capacity -- default set to: 8 '
  • '-t', '--train_mode', default=0, type=int, help='0: No training, 1: continue with existing checkpoint, 2: train from scratch) -- set to default: 0 '
  • '-e', '--training_epochs', default=10, type=int, help='-- default set to 10'
  • '-v', '--visualize', default=1, type=int, help='(0, No visualization, 1: validate and visualize log signal) -- defualt set to: 1 '
  • '-l', '--logs', default=2, type=int, help='(Logs to visualize--> 0: train logs, 1: validate logs, 2: test logs) -- defualt set to: 2 '

Example use

This runs in training mode with existing checkpoints then visualize the predicted signal of the test log/s

  • python3 -t 1


  • Test accuracy of test log using RES9_ER should give an accuracy of 99.45% and if trained with option 1 for 1 epoch (i.e. python3 -t 1 -e 1), accuracy can top 99.67%. This attached code is tested with TF1.12 and compabatible with linux and windows machines. Also, make sure to include/install all TF dependencies as per used in the code.
  • When training, checkpoints for certain accuracies are automatically saved in generated_checkpoints folder inside the main checkpoints folder

Aditional Note

  • Gradcam code is provided seperately in the Gradcam_visualization folder, navigate to the Readme file in that folder for instructions on usage.

  • Live Gradcam - a fun feature to lively visualize predictions is available in Live_cam_visualization folder.

  • Paper

Live CAM Example


Muhammad K.A. Hamdan

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