Storage Implementations

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This page contains a community-contributed list of known Storage implementations for CertMagic.

From the README:

The notion of a "cluster" or "fleet" of instances that may be serving the same site and sharing certificates, etc, is tied to storage. Simply, any instances that use the same storage facilities are considered part of the cluster. So if you deploy 100 instances of CertMagic behind a load balancer, they are all part of the same cluster if they share the same storage configuration. Sharing storage could be mounting a shared folder, or implementing some other distributed storage system such as a database server or KV store.

This table gives the link to each implementation, along with what it uses for its storage mechanism, any requirements for using the implementation, and for those using Caddy, the required value of the CADDY_CLUSTERING environment variable.

Name and link Storage mechanism Requirements CADDY_CLUSTERING
File system A folder with read+write permissions
Caddy-TLSConsul Consul K/V Consul consul
magicstorage - S3Storage S3 AWS S3
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