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JoclyBoard is a desktop application to play board games, based on the Jocly library.

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  • open-source
  • multi-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • mouse-controlled 3D game user interface
  • 2D user interface available
  • fully resizeable game windows
  • anaglyph view available: red/cyan stereo vision
  • embedded artificial intelligence for all games
  • connecting to game engines via protocols UCI, CECP, HUB and DXP
  • navigation through played moves
  • possible moves preview
  • import/export standard book in PGN and PDN format
  • import/export board position in FEN format
  • clocked games
  • rules available for every game
  • one-click board screenshot picture
  • video capture of the board
  • recording and smooth switching between board points of view
  • multi-windows: any number of games can be launched simultaneously
  • templating: ability to save and reuse view options / players / clock mode
  • command line interface to launch directly games in given configuration

Supported games

Alquerque, Alquerque AvdS, International Draughts, English Draughts, Brazilian Draughts, Spanish Draughts, German Draughts, Thai Draughts, Kids Draughts, Turkish Draughts, Chess, Xiangqi, Gardner MiniChess, Mini Chess 4x4, Mini Chess 4x5, Micro Chess, Baby Chess, Malett Chess, Los Alamos Chess, Chess Attack, Courier Chess, Makruk, Shako, Shatranj, Raumschach, Glinski Chess, Brusky Chess, De Vasa Chess, McCooey Chess, Shafran Chess, Modern Circular Chess, Byzantine Chess, 3D Chess, Cylinder Chess, Rollerball Chess, Chess 960, Metamachy, Capablanca Chess, Carerra Chess, Gothic Chess, Janus Chess, Grand Chess, Modern Chess, Chancellor Chess, Wildebeest Chess, Smess, Demi-Chess, Romanchenko's Chess, Amazon Chess, Duke of Rutland Chess, Gustav III Chess, Hyderabad Decimal Chess, Kaiserspiel, Sultanspiel, Reformed Courierspiel, Tutti-Frutti Chess, Sweet 16 Chess, Four In A Row, Four In A Row 9x6, Popout, Five In A Row, Torus 4, De cercar la liebre, Mana, Spline, Spline+, Spargo, Margo 5, Margo 6, Margo 7, Margo 8, 9 Men´s Morris, 9 Men´s Morris Fly, 12 Men´s Morris, 12 Men´s Morris Fly, 6 Men´s Morris, 6 Men´s Morris, 7 Men´s Morris, Penguin soccer, Annexation, Annexation 6, Annexation 4, Annexation 10, Annexation Cross, Annexation Cross 10, Annexation Turn-Over, Scrum, Tablut, Ardri, Hnefatafl, Tawlbwrdd, Brandubh, Alea Evangelii, Yohoho!


You can install JoclyBoard binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux from the GitHub releases page or follow the instructions to run the program from the git repository.


Multiplatform 3D/2D desktop application for playing board games







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