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PRAW: The Python Reddit API Wrapper

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This repository contains a fork of the PRAW library, with the intent of providing continued bug fixes and security updates for the (deprecated, but stable) PRAW version 3 branch. This fork was primarily created to support the RTV command line application.

This project is not intended to compete against the official PRAW library in any way. Anyone who is capable of doing so to should be using the latest official version of PRAW. Their documenation is hosted here.


This repository was forked on March 6, 2017 from PRAW v3.6.1. Since then, the following changes have been made:

  • Disabled and removed the update_checker project dependency
  • Switched from absolute imports to relative imports, in order to make it possible to bundle the praw/ directory inside of another project
  • Upped the requests version requirement to v2.4.0 (link)
  • Fix for new user profiles TypeError: subreddit_name must be a non-empty string (link)
  • Patch to remove the permalink field from the Comment JSON object (link)
  • Fixed several Multireddit functions when using OAuth (link)
  • Fixed a KeyError: 'ratelimit' error that was occuring because Reddit changed the format of its JSON response (link)
  • Added the ability to search subreddits for gilded posts and comments (link)


You can use pip to install directly from the repository:

pip install git+git://


For now, the PRAW v3 documentation is still being hosted at


All of the code contained here is licensed by the GNU GPLv3.