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Newbie JavaScript Syntax Cheatsheet

a cheatsheet by michaelb

Arranged into a single page as a PDF

Useful for beginners to JS or programming to learn the core syntax of JavaScript. It's useful as a reference on learning syntax, that is the words and characters necessary to type out things in JavaScript.


Assignment: Put data into variables. New variables are "declared" with var keyword.

var a = 5;
var name = "Alex";
var isReadyToLearn = true;
name = "Pat";

Expressions: In many places in JavaScript, such as in assignment, JavaScript expects "expressions", that can be like math formulas.

var a = 10;
var d = 4;
c = c + (d * 3);

Boolean expressions: Expressions can also compute the "truth" of conditions, resulting in values of true or false.

var isPrepared = true;
var timeSpent = 5;
var readyToStart = isPrepared && timeSpent > 3;


Console log: To output data to the console (either in the browser or node.js terminal), use console.log.

console.log('Hello there!');

Variables can outputed by separating with commas:

var a = 0;
console.log('The value of a is ', a);

Data types

Array: Numbered of data, each numbered starting with 0.

var array = ['sam', 900, false];
console.log('Name is ', array[0]);
console.log('Age is ', array[1]);

Object: Like a "dictionary" list of definitions, consists of associated key and value pairs. Properties can be accessed with either . or [].

var myObj = {
    name: 'Sam',
    age: 900,
console.log('Name is ',;
console.log('Age is ', myObj['age']);


If-Statement: Conditionally execute the code in the curly-braces { }

if (a > 3) {
    console.log('A is greater than 3');

If-Else-Statement: Presents two code paths, conditionally executing one block of code or the other.

if (name === "Alex") {
    console.log('Hi Alex');
} else {
    console.log('Hey there stranger');


While-Loop: Like if, except it repeats, possibly forever, until the condition no longer is true.

var a = 0;
while (a < 5) {
    console.log('Increasing value of a...');
    a = a + 1;

For-Loop: An older form of loop that has a special syntax, conventionally used only for looping through arrays.

var array = ['pat', 'alex', 'max', 'sam'];
for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
    var item = array[i];
    console.log('The name is ', item);


Function: Stores code for later re-use.

Function call: Commences the execution of the code between the curly-braces { }

var myFunction = function () {
    console.log('This code can be reused...');

Named function: Shortcut for giving a function a name, same behavior.

function myFunction () {
    console.log('This code can be reused...');

Parameters: Functions (both named and otherwise) use parameters as "input" in order to be more re-usable.

function addAndShow (a, b) {
    var sum = a + b;
    console.log('The sum of the numbers: ', sum);
addAndShow(10, 5);
addAndShow(-30, 1000);

Return statement: Use to send data back to the caller.

function addAndMultiply (a, b) {
    return a + b + (a * b);
var total = addAndMultiply(10, 5);
var total2 = addAndMultiply(total, 100);
console.log('Final calculation: ', total2);

Advanced shortcuts

Three ways to increment variables.

a = a + 1;
a += 1;

Ternary operator: shortcut "if-statement" into one line.

var beverage = age > 21 ? 'beer' : 'soda';

OR operator for defaults: if a value is false in an OR expression (||, the second value is used.

name = name || 'default name';

Flow control: Loops can be prematurely exited with break, or skipped to the next iteration with continue.

var a = 0;
while (true) {
    if (a > 10) {
    if (a === 3) {
    console.log('a is ', a);

Switch statement: Many if-statements can be replaced with one switch statement, with strange syntax.

switch (name) {
    case "pat":
        console.log("hi Pat!");
    case "alex":
        console.log("hey there Alex!");
        consoe.log("Howdy stranger");