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A platform for seamless integration of resource constrained devices in the ROS ecosystem.
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micro-ROS web site

pipeline status

This is the source for the micro-ROS website, available at


See editing instructions

Running locally

To test locally, you need a local version of Jekyll, the site-generation engine used by GitHub Pages. See Jekyll Quickstart for installation instructions.

After installing Jekyll, install all dependencies by running

bundle install

Then, you may launch Jekyll to build and serve the website continuously by

bundle exec jekyll serve

Testing generated site

To test the generated HTML site, you can use html-proofer gem. This Ruby gem checks and validates the jekyll generated HTML files. It checks a broad set of points: internal and external links existence (alerting of possible 404 errors), HTML attributes of the images and so on.

To install it, It has been incorporated in the Gemfile so the previous dependency install command would have already installed it.

You can run the following gem to tests the generated site.

bundle exec jekyll build
bundle exec htmlproofer ./_site

A utility script has also been included to run these checks in a CI system smoothly.



Released under the Apache Public License 2.0.

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