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Simple Logging Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will use a simple script that maintains two variables. Our goal is to log the values of these variables using TensorWatch and view it in real-time in variety of ways from Jupyter Notebook demonstrating various features offered by TensorWatch. We would execute this script from a console and its code looks like this:

# available in test/simple_log/

import time, random
import tensorwatch as tw

# we will create two streams, one for 
# sums of integers, other for random numbers
w = tw.Watcher()
st_isum = w.create_stream('isums')
st_rsum = w.create_stream('rsums')

isum, rsum = 0, 0
for i in range(10000):
    isum += i
    rsum += random.randint(i)

    # write to streams
    st_isum.write((i, isum))
    st_rsum.write((i, rsum))


Basic Concepts

The Watcher object allows you to create streams. You can then write any values in to these streams. By default, the Watcher object opens up TCP/IP sockets so a client can request these streams. As values are being written on one end, they get serialized and sent to any client(s) on the other end. We will use Jupyter Notebook to create a client, open these streams and feed them to various visualizers.

Create the Client

You can either create a new Jupyter Notebook or get the existing one in the repo at notebooks/simple_logging.ipynb.

Let's first do imports:

%matplotlib notebook
import tensorwatch as tw

Next, open the streams that we had created in above script:

cli = tw.WatcherClient()
st_isum = cli.open_stream('isums')
st_rsum = cli.open_stream('rsums')

Now lets visualize isum stream in textual format:

text_vis = tw.Visualizer(st_isum, vis_type='text')

You should see a growing table in real-time like this, each row is tuple we wrote to the stream:

That worked out good! How about feeding the same stream simultaneously to plot a line graph?

line_plot = tw.Visualizer(st_isum, vis_type='line', xtitle='i', ytitle='isum')

Let's take step further. Say, we plot rsum as well but, just for fun, in the same plot as isum above. That's easy with the optional host parameter:

line_plot = tw.Visualizer(st_rsum, vis_type='line', host=line_plot, ytitle='rsum')

This instantly changes our line plot and a new Y-Axis is automatically added for our second stream. TensorWatch allows you to add multiple streams in same visualizer.

Are you curious about statistics of these two streams? Let's display the live statistics of both streams side by side! To do this, we will use the cell parameter for the second visualization to place right next to the first one:

istats = tw.Visualizer(st_isum, vis_type='summary')

rstats = tw.Visualizer(st_rsum, vis_type='summary', cell=istats)

The output looks like this (each panel showing statistics for the tuple that was logged in the stream):

Next Steps

We have just scratched the surface of what you can do with TensorWatch. You should check out Lazy Logging Tutorial and other notebooks as well.


File a Github issue and let us know if we can improve this tutorial.