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@midwan midwan released this Sep 17, 2020


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  • 867e380 Removed RPI32-dmx pool
  • 2da9096 Separate DMX pool to speed up parallel compiling
  • 4f83d7e only include specific directories from root
  • 30b9d07 Updated other target pipelines with complete release contents
  • b1b4e24 Added complete release contents for pi64 target
  • 94a8126 Added split files approach
  • 74af159 Added pi64.yaml
  • 01f5f53 Set up CI with Azure Pipelines
  • 476810f Update azure-pipeline-rpi32.yml for Azure Pipelines
  • dee3574 Added 32-bit RPI pipeline
  • 60f4165 Removed RPI32 pipeline temporarily
  • b169ce6 Moved azure pipelines into subfolder
  • 4698630 Update azure-pipelines.yml for Azure Pipelines
  • 5faeef8 Update azure-pipelines.yml for Azure Pipelines
  • c129e1f Set up CI with Azure Pipelines
  • 481661f Bumped version date
  • a7889b7 Implemented #692: Correct Aspect Ratio option for SDL2 back-end
  • 79e918d Minor sync of filesys to WinUAE
  • f17a566 Updated beta version
  • 8367d95 Emulate HAM + DPF undocumented feature.
  • dd02d87 Fix CIA reset defaults and unused register return value.
  • 10d972e Merge branch 'master' into dev
  • 28e1f1c Merge branch 'master' into dev

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@midwan midwan released this Sep 6, 2020 · 39 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix release, which addresses a problem identified in v3.2.0:

  • Reverted 1e35f03 to fix problems with some apps showing corrupted gfx when Fullscreen (e.g. FroggerNG)
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@midwan midwan released this Sep 5, 2020 · 43 commits to master since this release

Amiberry v3.2 brings a big list of changes since the previous release:

  • Enable Audio Filter emulation and Interpolation by default (sync with WinUAE)
  • Implemented Picasso96 2.5.0+ screen dragging support (WinUAE)
  • Updated default analog joystick offset/multiplier (WinUAE)
  • Improved JIT handling when loading WHDLoad titles (if specified in the XML, automatically set compatible settings also)
  • Added CD Turbo mode support
  • Rewrote CD Audio support
  • Completely rewrote sound handling from the ground up
  • Implemented floppy drive sounds
  • Improved framesync routine, to keep more stable FPS under PAL/NTSC modes
  • Implemented Priority and Pause handling
  • Implemented full support for "real" fullscreen modes, which change the monitor resolution
  • Fixed status line Power LED color in 32-bit modes
  • Updated Display panel with better layout and more options coming from WinUAE
  • Increased Savestate slots to 10
  • Optimized P96 32-bit mode speed
  • Fixed About window textbox was editable
  • Fixed saving PNG screenshots from a 32-bit screenmode
  • Added support for 24-bit screenmodes as well
  • CPU implementation improvements, merged from TomB
  • Added option to configure scsi.device support from the GUI, in the HDD panel
  • Made "Middle button to Untrap" option configurable, in the Misc panel
  • Implemented different screen modes: Windowed, Fullscreen or Full-window
  • Fixed #659: Two middle mouse clicks required to return to Amiberry
  • Limit the amount of Z3 memory allocated if the board has < 2GB of RAM
  • Implemented support for executing commands on the host OS (needs a separate tool to trigger: host-run)
  • Implemented CDTV support (WIP #658)
  • Implemented support for mounting CD images under emulation (fixes #37)
  • Fixed bug #657: The controller file would not get fully read if it contained empty lines
  • Added generic Cortex-A53 target (e.g. MNT Reform, Pine A64 and others)
  • Clear renderer on each update, to eliminate background artifacts (KMSDRM)
  • Fixed crash on startup of the controller config file contained empty lines (#656)
  • Removed SOFTWARE_CURSOR implementation, as it was too buggy.
  • Removed obsolete FASTERCYCLES define from Makefile
  • Fixed compiler warnings and errors that would block compilation on older versions of GCC
  • Now always downloading the WHDLoad and files, even if they exist
  • Implemented Floppy Turbo mode (Fixes #526)
  • Added more default options in amiberry.conf (check the Wiki for details)
  • Moved hostprefs.conf functionality into amiberry.conf instead
  • Refactored WHDLoad booter code: Removed Turbo CPU speed setting
  • Refactored the Update XML functionality (no more false "No internet connection" errors)
  • Updated filesystem code from latest WinUAE
  • Fixed zfile stale/double freed file handle (WinUAE)
  • Switch back to 64-bit FPU default (WinUAE)
  • Fixed Custom Controls panel would not show assigned value in Dropdowns when opening GUI
  • Added Auto Height option: automatically adjust the emulated screen height, depending on the detected last drawn line. Overrides the Height setting, works best with Vertical Centering.
  • Cleared deprecated changes in whdload booter #648
  • Fixed bug for customized DPad using HAT #647
  • Fixed CPU More compatible option was not always enabled when it should
  • Removed custom timing values for PAL/NTSC when using JIT
  • Updated WHDLoad Booter (customizations from the .uae config) #646
  • Fixed bug where maximum CPU speed settings would not get applied when loading a config, until you changed a CPU setting on the fly.
  • Removed CPU Turbo speed setting, now obsolete since Fastest behaves as expected.
  • Fixed CPU Fastest speed setting, now actually gives maximum speed to CPU and minimum to chipset.
  • Implemented CPU Idle setting, to help reduce CPU usage and temperature during emulation.
  • Fixed GUI window would not resize back to normal after starting emulation with a different window size (X11-only).
  • Added new option in Quickstart: WHDLoad auto-config. This allows you to load an .LHA file and have Amiberry automatically set the right configuration for it, if a match is found in the WHDLoad XML file.
  • Fixed bug where WHDLoad booter would not use the prefs structure passed to it
  • Added logfile options to the GUI (Paths panel)
  • GUI layout improvements, removed custom widgets in favor of improved Guisan standard ones
  • Internal GUI refactoring, modernizing Guisan code and fixing bugs
  • More updates in inputdevice, devices, custom, picasso96 and cia from the latest WinUAE sources
  • Added Smart Centering parameters in WHDLoad booter #637
  • Updated disk.cpp and zfile.cpp from WinUAE
  • Fixed bug in GUI, where changing the 24-bit addressing option would not refresh the RAM panel
  • Improvements for #193: Detect controllers reconnecting and re-initialize them
  • Updated bundled XML to latest version
  • Fixed #635: Don't crash if there's something wrong with the latest WHDLoad XML
  • Fixed LED dropdown options index, was off by one
  • Fixed #628: Removed obsolete "Hide Idle LED" option
  • Fixed #633: -cdimage option would not set right flags in config
  • Bumped UAE version to 4.4.0
  • BPLCON4 sprite bank/bitplane XOR timing (WinUAE)
  • cdimage0= worked slightly differently than GUI eject (WinUAE)

Known issues

Please consult the open Issues for an up-to-date list

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Aug 2, 2020

@midwan midwan released this Jun 30, 2020 · 326 commits to master since this release

This is a pre-release of the v3.2 beta, meant for testing.

To make things easier, I've provided some pre-compiled binaries for a few platforms. They include only the executable, and require the rest of the directory structure to work.

The pre-compiled binaries are provided for the following platforms:

  • RPI4 32-bit (non-Dispmanx, built on RaspberryPi OS)
  • RPI3 32-bit (non-Dispmanx, built on RaspberryPi OS)
  • RPI4 64-bit (non-Dispmanx, built on Manjaro)
  • RockPro64 (64-bit, built on Manjaro)

The binaries are further optimized through the GCC profiler, to provide maximum performance.
Please report any issues in this version (that did not exist in the previous stable) by opening new "Issues" here, on Github.
Kindly open one issue per problem, so we can keep it organized.

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@midwan midwan released this Apr 30, 2020 · 545 commits to master since this release

Amiberry v3.1.3.1 implements the following changes since the previous release:

  • Better implementation for #540 (Update WHDLoad XML).
  • JIT: implemented BFINS (TomB).
  • Fixed #597 (No control with joystick in GUI after update).
  • Change makefile EOL to LF.
  • Fixed #604: GUI would crash if Load config was pressed without a configuration file selected.
  • Remove KS 1.1 from quickstart a500 1.2 config.
  • Simplify interrupt handling, fix delays (only external signals have long delay).
  • Fixed #609: Screen height would change when changing refresh rate.
  • Fixed #608: Improved GUI documentation
  • Fixed #613: Support for symbolic links
  • Minor WinUAE merges
  • Minor update to the Usage help text

Known issues

Please consult the open Issues for an up-to-date list

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Mar 26, 2020

@midwan midwan released this Feb 18, 2020 · 561 commits to master since this release

Amiberry v3.1.2 implements the following changes since the previous release:

  • Default back to F12 for opening the GUI, if no assigned key was found in the config file
  • Removed unused font from repository
  • JIT: reduced size of emitted code by 30%, improved performance
  • Don't apply Quickstart Model options if we just loaded a config on startup
  • Removed FASTERCYCLES setting for Odroid Go Advance platform
  • Check and reject too large physical block sizes
  • Add dsk to autodetected extension list for disks
  • Refactored disk gui information. Show yellow border in OSD if disk is write protected
  • Allow null config status output buffer
  • Do not inject random startup/track step bits if no drive is selected
  • Added 270 as a Height option in the GUI
  • Improved GUI behavior when loading a config file with Width/Height values that did not exist
  • Removed parsing of obsolete Y Offset option from WHDLoad booter
  • Added options in amiberry.conf for setting Horizontal / Vertical centering by default
  • Added option in amiberry.conf for setting default Scaling Method (Auto, Nearest Neighbor, Linear)
  • Fixed #581: Could not create HDFs larger than 2GB
  • Guisan: added toggle button widget
  • Reduced CPU usage while using the GUI
  • If the host resolution is less than 800x600, switch to full screen automatically
  • Modernized code and fixed compiler warnings in Guisan widgets
  • Fixed #559: 32-bit JIT caused problems with AmigaOS 3.1.4

Known issues

Please consult the open Issues for an up-to-date list

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Feb 4, 2020

@midwan midwan released this Feb 1, 2020 · 594 commits to master since this release

Amiberry v3.1.0 implements the following changes since the previous release:

  • Implemented touch support for GUI
  • Added NVidia Jetson Nano target
  • Fix MDS CD image detection
  • Disabled render thread by default on RK3399 for smoother graphics performance (#573)
  • Removed special mouse acceleration for Android
  • Updated Amiberry logo
  • Removed junk files from #574
  • Add faster cycles define for RPI4 64-bit targets
  • Implemented #562: Detach mouse with middle mouse button
  • Added new target: Odroid Go Advance
  • Improved SDL2 config detection
  • Implemented Quickstart Model selection as a commandline option (-model=)
  • Set write_logfile option to default to "no"
  • Added new amiberry.conf options: default_open_gui_key, default_quit_key, rotation_angle
  • Increased default GUI window size to 800x600
  • Fixed JIT 32-bit bug: ORSR/EORSR/ANDSR, LINK/ULNK (e.g. crashed Modeler.FP on startup)
  • Removed obsolete SDL1 files
  • Fixed when using rotation angle the resulting image was cropped

Known issues

Please consult the open Issues for an up-to-date list

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