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Processing Support

Extension for Brackets.

Add support Processing language, and commands that create new sketch and run a sketch.


  • Add support language
  • Add Processing menu
  • New Sketch
  • Run (Keyboard shortcut: F7)
  • Stop
  • Config
  • Add code hinting


  1. Open the Extensions Manager
  2. Search for "processing support"
  3. Click the Install button
  4. Connect to Processing

Connect to Processing

This extension uses "processing-java(.exe)" that the command line tool in installed Processing. Running a sketch required follow steps.


  1. Open Processing app
  2. Select menu Install "processing-java" from the menu Tools
  3. Click Yes or No to install
  4. Open Brackets app
  5. Select Config from the menu Processing
  6. Input the path for "processing-java"
  • /usr/local/bin/processing-java (when you select Yes. Default path)
  • /Users/mikankari/processing-java (when you select No. Replace "mikankari" to your name)
  1. Click the Save button

Windows or Linux

  1. Select Config from the menu Processing
  2. Input the path for "processing-java(.exe)" in installed Processing directory
  • C:\Users\mikankari\Program Files\processing-3.3.5\processing-java.exe (Example for Windows)
  • /home/mikankari/opt/processing-3.3.5/processing-java (Example for Ubuntu)
  1. Click the Save button