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The Raspbian image at the time of writing is the May 2016 version, with the release date of 2016-05-10. It does not include libsoxr, but it is available as a package via apt-get.

Alternatively, libsoxr, part of The Sox Resampler Library, is very easy to compile. Here are very brief instructions to download, compile and install it:

  • Install cmake. This is used in the building of libsoxr. On Linuxes such as Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian:
# apt-get install cmake

On FreeBSD:

# pkg install cmake
  • Download the libsoxr source:
$ git clone git:// soxr-code
  • cd into the soxr-code directory and start the build process:
$ cd soxr-code
$ ./go

Be patient! This takes a long time on a first-generation Raspberry Pi -- it looks like it gets stuck around 40% or 50%, but it will finish if you let it.

Having compiled libsoxr, it must now must be installed:

$ cd Release
# make install

Finally, for Shairport Sync to be able to locate libsoxr during compilation, you need to tell ld about it. Be careful here if you are on FreeBSD -- the following instructions for Linux would mess up your FreeBSD system.

On Linuxes such as Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian:

# ldconfig

On FreeBSD you must add the location of the soxr.pc file to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH, if it exists, and define it otherwise. Here is what you do if it doesn't already exist:

$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig"

That's it. Now you can select the --with-soxr option when you're building Shairport Sync.