Regex error in #65

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At line 201 in, the regex used to sanitize the key is incorrect.

Unicode character \u37f is incorrect an should be corrected as \u037f

key = key.replace( /[^-._0-9A-Za-z\xb7\xc0-\xd6\xd8-\xf6\xf8-\u037d\u37f-\u1fff\u200c-\u200d\u203f\u2040\u2070-\u218f]/g, "-" );

should be
key = key.replace( /[^-._0-9A-Za-z\xb7\xc0-\xd6\xd8-\xf6\xf8-\u037d\u037f-\u1fff\u200c-\u200d\u203f\u2040\u2070-\u218f]/g, "-" );

This regex cause some parsing errors, such in IDE Visual Studio or with bundling feature in ASP.NET MVC4.

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