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;;; cogen-construct-genext.scm
;;; copyright © 1996-2000 by Peter Thiemann
;;; non-commercial use is free as long as the original copright notice
;;; remains intact
;;; interface to create generating extensions
;;; syntax constructors
(define (make-ge-var l v)
(define (make-ge-freevar l v)
`(_FREEVAR ,l ,v))
(define (make-ge-const c)
(if (number? c)
(define (make-ge-cond l lb c t e)
(if (zero? l)
(make-residual-if c t e)
`(_IF ,l ,c ,t ,e)))
(define $primitive-op? (make-fluid (lambda (op) #t)))
(define (with-primitive-op? op? thunk)
(let-fluid $primitive-op? op? thunk))
(define (primitive-op? o)
((fluid $primitive-op?) o))
;; "OP" is really a misnomer: this is about *external* procedures,
;; only some of which are primitive ops
(define (make-ge-op l o args)
(if (primitive-op? o)
`(_OP ,l ,o ,@args)
`(_OP-SERIOUS ,l ,o ,@args)))
(define (make-ge-op-pure l o args)
((zero? l) (cons o args))
((primitive-op? o) `(_OP_PURE ,l ,o ,@args))
(else `(_OP ,l ,o ,@args))))
(define (make-ge-call f bts args)
(apply make-residual-call f args))
(define (make-ge-let hl unf? bl v e body)
(make-residual-let v e body))
(define (make-ge-begin hl prop? e1 e2)
(if (zero? hl)
(make-residual-begin e1 e2)
`(_BEGIN ,hl ,prop? ,e1 ,e2)))
(define (make-ge-lambda-memo l poly? vars btv body-level label fvars bts body)
`(_LAMBDA_POLY ,l ,vars ',btv ,body-level ',label ,body))
(let ((name (string->symbol (string-append "lambda-" (number->string label)))))
(cons `(DEFINE ,name (LAMBDA ,fvars (LAMBDA ,vars ,body)))
`(_LAMBDA_MEMO ,l ',vars ',name (LIST ,@fvars) ',bts
`(_LAMBDA_MEMO ,l ',vars ',label (LIST ,@fvars) ',bts
(LAMBDA ,fvars (LAMBDA ,vars ,body))))))
(define (make-ge-vlambda-memo l fixed-vars var btv label fvars bts body)
`(_VLAMBDA_MEMO ,l ',fixed-vars ',var ',label (LIST ,@fvars) ',bts
(LAMBDA ,fvars
(LAMBDA ,(if (zero? l)
(append fixed-vars var)
(cons var fixed-vars)) ,body))))
(define (make-ge-app-memo l f btv args)
`(_APP_MEMO ,l ,f ,@args))
(define (make-ge-lambda l vars btv fvs bts body)
(if (zero? l)
(make-residual-closed-lambda vars '() body)
`(_LAMBDA ,l ,vars (LIST ,@fvs) ',bts ,body)))
(define (make-ge-vlambda l fixed-vars var btv body)
(if (zero? l)
(make-residual-closed-lambda (append fixed-vars var) '() body)
`(_VLAMBDA ,l ,fixed-vars ,var ,body)))
(define (make-ge-app l f btv args)
(if (zero? l)
(apply make-residual-call f args)
`(_APP ,l ,f ,@args)))
(define (make-ge-ctor-memo l bts hidden ctor args)
`(_CTOR_MEMO ,l ,bts ,hidden ,ctor ,@args))
(define (make-ge-sel-memo l sel a)
`(_S_T_MEMO ,l ,sel ,a))
(define (make-ge-test-memo l tst a)
`(_S_T_MEMO ,l ,tst ,a))
(define (make-ge-ctor l ctor args)
`(_OP ,l ,ctor ,@args))
(define (make-ge-sel l sel a)
`(_OP ,l ,sel ,a))
(define (make-ge-test l tst a)
`(_OP ,l ,tst ,a))
(define (make-ge-lift l diff a)
`(_LIFT ,l ,diff ,a))
(define (make-ge-eval l diff a)
`(_EVAL ,l ,diff ,a))
(define (make-ge-run l a)
`(_RUN ,l ,a))
(define (make-ge-make-cell-memo l label bt a)
`(_MAKE-CELL_MEMO ,l ,label ,bt ,a))
(define (make-ge-cell-ref-memo l a)
`(_S_T_MEMO ,l CELL-REF ,a))
(define (make-ge-cell-set!-memo l r a)
`(_MESSAGE!_MEMO ,l ,r CELL-SET! ,a))
(define (make-ge-cell-eq?-memo l args)
`(_CELL-EQ?_MEMO ,l ,@args))
(define (make-ge-make-vector-memo l label bt s a)
`(_MAKE-VECTOR_MEMO ,l ,label ,bt ,s ,a))
(define (make-ge-vector-ref-memo l v i)
`(_S_T_MEMO ,l VECTOR-REF ,v ,i))
(define (make-ge-vector-length-memo l v)
`(_S_T_MEMO ,l VECTOR-REF ,v))
(define (make-ge-vector-set!-memo l v i x)
`(_MESSAGE!_MEMO ,l ,v VECTOR-SET! ,i ,x))
(define (make-ge-vector-fill!-memo l v x)
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