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Program that makes you take small breaks from working at the computer
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Slouch Interceptor

Slouch Interceptor is a simple program that reminds you to take small regular breaks from working at your computer, i.e it intercepts your slouchiness ;)



At least Windows XP, .NET Framework 2.0 and motivation to obey the program...


Download the latest version: Slouch Interceptor 1.3.3.

Older versions can be found from the releases page.


  • The program will start automatically when starting Windows
  • Click the program icon in the taskbar to show the context menu
  • You can test the program with the Start Break menu entry
  • If you want to close the overlay window before the timeout either press Alt+F4 or press the Windows key, click the taskbar icon and select Stop Break
  • The break interval timer can be enabled/disabled with the Enable/Disable Timer menu entry
  • Configuration options:
    • BreakDuration is the duration of the break in minutes (can be fractional)
    • BreakInterval is the time between the breaks in minutes (can be fractional)
    • IdleDetectionThreshold is the idle time in minutes after which the break interval timer is reset (you didn't use the computer and the program takes it as a break) (can be fractional)
    • BreakNotificationTime is the time when a notification will be shown (minutes before the actual break) (can be fractional)
    • AutoLock sets whether the computer is locked after the break ends (useful if you leave the computer during the break)
    • DisableClose makes the overlay window ignore normal closing attempts (can be closed with the taskbar context menu)
    • DisableSwitch keeps the overlay window topmost all the time (combining with DisableClose makes closing the overlay window very difficult)
    • EnableBreakNotification shows a balloon tip notification before the actual break begins

Version history

1.3.3 (4/10/2014)

  • Updated license, readme and setup files

1.3.2 (5/16/2012)

  • Adjusted break notification timings

1.3.1 (5/10/2012)

  • Added restart timer support
  • Fixed some bugs the break notification and overlay window

1.3.0 (5/9/2012)

  • Added support for AutoLock
  • Added support for DisableClose
  • Added support for DisableSwitch
  • Added support for BreakNotification
  • Changed the configuration window interface
  • Added support for minute fractions in the configuration options
  • Added fade in effect

1.2.1 (3/21/2012)

  • Fixed a bug that starts a break immediately after resuming the computer and logging in
  • Added a license to the project

1.2.0 (2/29/2012)

  • Some changes to the taskbar menu and little bug fixes

1.1.0 (2/28/2012)

  • Added configuration options and support for user idle detection

1.0.0 (2/26/2012)

  • Initial version
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