IntelliJ/PyCharm plugin for Robot Automation Framework
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IntelliJ/PyCharm Plugin for Robot Automation Framework

This is a work in progress (the product of a 24 hour hack match), though at this point I have devoted far more time than that. Related feature request to JetBrains: IDEA-97678. Here is a growing list of features.


Installation & Usage

Note that this plugin should work in either IntelliJ or PyCharm, but that PyCharm is far less used (and thus tested) personally.

The plugin is now hosted in the JetBrains repositories. This means you can install it directly form your IDE. Just search for 'Intellibot' under 'Browse Repositories...'.

You can also install the plugin manually. To do so you can either download and compile the project yourself. Or download the intellibot.jar file in the project. You can then install this plugin to your IDE by using the 'Install plugin from disk...' option. This version may be slightly ahead of the JetBrains repository though potentially slightly less stable.

The plugin will, by default, operate against any ".robot" file in the project. You can add ".txt" support by following these instructions. If you are using PyCharm then any Python libraries should be detected when you setup your interpreter. If you are using IntelliJ then you can install the Python plugin. Both instructions can be found in this wiki page.