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scala-ts is a simple tool which can generate TypeScript interfaces and classes from Scala case classes.

scala-ts is helpful when working with REST-ful Scala backend and TypeScript frontend. Having defined Scala types returned by your endpoints you can easily generate TypeScript definitions for consuming these endpoints.

New version 0.3.2 - added support for more types; added file output support.

New version 0.4.0 - added support for SBT 1.0, Either and Map.


scala-ts can be used either standalone or as a sbt plugin.


Run com.mpc.scalats.Main class and provide a space separated list of fully qualified class names which you want to generate TypeScript for.


java -cp 'scala-ts-assembly-0.1.0.jar' com.mpc.scalats.Main "com.example.ExampleDto"

SBT plugin

Add the following plugin to plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.miloszpp" % "scala-ts" % "0.3.0")

Additionally, enable the plugin in your project settings:


Now you can use the generateTypeScript command in SBT. For example:

sbt "generateTypeScript com.example.ExampleDto"


Starting from release 0.3.0, it's possible to specify some configuration options:

  • emitInterfaces - generate interface declarations (true by default)
  • emitClasses - generate class declarations (false by default)
  • optionToNullable - translate Option types to union type with null (e.g. Option[Int] to number | null)
  • optionToUndefined - translate Option types to union type with undefined (e.g. Option[Int] to number | undefined) - can be combined with optionToNullable
  • outputStream - the stream to which the code should be emitted; it defaults to console

Usage example in build.sbt:

emitClasses in generateTypeScript := true


Type support

Currently scala-ts supports the following types of case class members:

  • Int, Double, Boolean, String, Long
  • List, Seq, Set
  • Option
  • LocalDate, Instant, Timestamp
  • generic types
  • References to other case classes



runMain com.mpc.scalats.AuthorExample


Many thanks to: