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Find an area you can help with and do it. Open source is about collaboration and open participation. Try to make your code look like what already exists and submit a pull request.

The list of issues is a good place to start, especially the ones tagged as "help wanted" (but don't let that stop you from looking at others). If you're looking for additional ideas, the code includes TODO comments for minor to major improvements. Grep is your friend.

Additional tests are rewarded with an immense amount of positive karma.

More documentation or updates/fixes to existing documentation are also very welcome. However, if submitting a PR(Pull-Request) consisting of documentation changes only, please try to ensure that the change is significantly more substantial than one or two lines. For example, working through an install document and making changes and updates throughout as you find issues is worth a PR. For typos and other small changes, either contact one of the developers, or if you think it's a significant enough error to cause problems for other users, please feel free to open an issue.

Find Us

If any help is needed during your effort to contribute on this project, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Pull-Request Title Prefix

Note: [draft part! to be reviewed and discussed]

Please consider putting one of the following prefixes in the title of your pull-request:

  • feat: A new feature
  • fix: A bug fix
  • docs: Documentation only changes
  • style: Formatting, missing semi-colons, white-space, etc
  • refactor: A code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature
  • perf: A code change that improves performance
  • test: Adding missing tests
  • chore: Maintain. Changes to the build process or auxiliary tools/libraries/documentation

For example: fix: a panick on xxx when grin exiting. Please don't worry if you can't find a suitable prefix, this's just optional, not mandatory.

Grin Style Guide

Grin uses rustfmt to maintain consistent formatting, and we're using the git commit hook as explained below.

Install rustfmt

You should use rustup. See build docs for more info.

rustup component add rustfmt-preview
rustup update
rustfmt --version

and verify you did get version rustfmt 0.99.1-stable (da17b689 2018-08-04) or newer.

Automatic "pre-commit hook"

There is a basic git pre-commit hook in the repo, and this pre-commit hook will be automatically configured in this project, once you run cargo build for the 1st time.

Or you can config it manually with the following command without building, and check it:

git config core.hooksPath ./.hooks
git config --list | grep hook

The output will be:


Note: The pre-commit hook will not prevent commits if style issues are present, instead it will indicate any files that need formatting, and it will automatically run rustfmt on your changed files, each time when you try to do git commit.

Running rustfmt manually

You can run rustfmt (i.e. rustfmt-preview) on one file or on all files.

For example:



  1. Please add the rustfmt corrections as a separate commit at the end of your Pull Request to make the reviewers happy.

  2. If you're still not sure about what should do on the format, please feel free to ignore it. Since rustfmt is just a tool to make your code having pretty formatting, your changed code is definitely more important than the format. Hope you're happy to contribute on this open source project!

  3. And anyway please don't use cargo +nightly fmt if at all possible.

Thanks for any contribution

Even one word correction are welcome! Our objective is to encourage you to get interested in Grin and contribute in any way possible. Thanks for any help!