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* Rename Moneta::Adapters::Mongo to Moneta::Adapters::MongoOfficial
* Add Moneta::Adapters::MongoMoped
* Drop Ruby 1.8 support
* Adapters::LRUHash: add option :max_value
*, :Riak, :RestClient): use urlencode instead of base64 for key encoding)
* Transformer: Add :hex encoder
* Transformer: Don't wrap object in array for JSON serialization
* Transformer: Add :php serializer
* - Don't encode blob data using base64
* Moneta::Adapters::LMDB added (Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped Database)
* Moneta::Adapters::Sequel - Fix for
* ActionDispatch::Session::MonetaStore fixed for Rails 4
* Moneta::Server: Tries now to remove stale unix socket
* Moneta::Server: More robust and better performance
* Adapters::File#increment and #create fixed on JRuby
* Adapters::Couch and Adapters::Mongo can store hashes directly as documents.
It is not necessary to serialize values as strings anymore.
* Adapters::Couch#create added
* Pool thread safety improved
* Transformer: Add CityHash
* Transformer: LZ4 compression added
* Better builder validation
* Adapters::Sequel: check for correct exceptions
* CONTRIBUTORS file added
* Adapters::File#increment fixed
* Adapters::ActiveRecord, Adapters::Sequel: store values as blobs
* Adapters::ActiveRecord fixed and improved
* Adapters::ActiveRecord: Use connection_pool
* Adapters::File: Race condition in #increment fixed
* Concurrency tests added
* Bugfixes for File, Sqlite, Sequel and Datamapper, ActiveRecord
* Logger: Add option :file
* Adapters::TokyoTyrant supports both native (ruby-tokyotyrant) and pure-ruby tokyotyrant gems
* Adapters::Couch use Faraday directly instead of buggy CouchRest
* Adapters::RestClient use Faraday
* Transformer: add quoted printable encoding (:qp)
* Adapters::TokyoTyrant added
* Add attr_reader :backend and option :backend to some adapters
* Cache rename #backend to #adapter
* Adapters::KyotoCabinet added
* Feature detection methods #features and #supports? added
* Validity checks added which check features
* Adapters::Memcached: switched to Dalli by default
* Adapters::Daybreak: add option :sync to load and store
* Adapters::LRUHash: add option :max_count
* Adapters::Mongo: add options :user and :password
* Adapters::Mongo: Correctly close connection
* Adapters::Redis: Correctly close connection
* Transformer: add inspect key transformer
* Added #create method to atomically create entries
* Added WeakCreate and WeakIncrement proxies
* Added Mutex and Semaphore synchronization primitives for
shared/distributed database locks
* Rename unix socket options from :file to :socket
* Adapters::Daybreak: api changed
* Adapters::File: flock fix for jruby
* Transformer: add to_s key transformer
* OptionsSupport#with: Add support to insert additional proxies
* Builder#adapter: Accepts Moneta store instance now
* Transformer: fix truncate
* Adapters::RestClient: raise error if store fails
* Adapters::TDB added
* Adapters::Daybreak added
* Adapters::Mongo - Expiration and increment support added
* Pool proxy added
* Mixin ExpiresSupport added
* Expiration value handling unified
* 0 and false are interpreted as persist value
* Adapters::RestClient uses net/http now
* Added Adapters::RestClient
* Added Rack::MonetaRest
* Added Rack::MonetaStore
* Renamed WithOptions to OptionSupport
* Refactored Base in Defaults mixin
* Removed Transformer option :quiet
* Transformer might raise an exception if an invalid value is transformed
* Expires middleware only wraps Arrays and nils in an Array if
no expiration time is given (backward compatible change)
* Moneta middlewares are not allowed to modify option hash given to functions
like #load and #store
* Memcached: Use binary protocol and no base64 encoding of the keys
* Transformer: Remove newlines from base64 encodes values
* Server: Add method #run which will block and #running? to allow forking
* SDBM: #store might raise errors (Don't use SDBM, it is unstable!)
* Add #decrement method
* Fix #fetch to handle false correctly
* Fix Expires middleware to handle boolean and nil values correctly
* Base64 encode Riak keys since Riak needs valid UTF-8 for the REST interface
* Major rewrite by Daniel Mendler
* First public release by Yehuda Katz
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