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Text.sugar for Espresso

IMPORTANT: This sugar currently only works with Espresso 1.x and there are no plans to convert it for Espresso 2 at the moment. Feel free to pick up where I left off.

This sugar adds the following functionality from the TextMate text.bundle to Espresso (For some of the actions you need to install Spice.sugar by Ian Beck):

  • Move Line up/down
  • Delete Line
  • Join Line With Next
  • Duplicate Selection
  • Lorem ipsum extraction
  • Current Date
  • Copyright Notice

It also provides autopairing of and enclosing with quotes and brackets.


Some of the actions require the Spice.sugar by Ian Beck. You can find it here: http://github.com/onecrayon/Spice-sugar

If you want to learn more about Spice, visit http://onecrayon.com/spice/