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#include <mintomic/mintomic.h>
// The World's Simplest Lock-Free HashTable
// Maps 32-bit integers to 32-bit integers.
// Uses open addressing with linear probing.
// You can call SetItem and GetItem from several threads simultaneously.
// GetItem is wait-free.
// SetItem is lock-free.
// You can't assign any value to key = 0.
// In the m_cells array, key = 0 is reserved to indicate an unused cell.
// You can't assign value = 0 to any key.
// value = 0 means the key is unused.
// The hash table never grows in size.
// You can't delete individual items from the hash table.
// You can Clear the hash table, but only at a time when there are no other calls being made from other threads.
class HashTable1
struct Entry
mint_atomic32_t key;
mint_atomic32_t value;
Entry* m_entries;
uint32_t m_arraySize;
HashTable1(uint32_t arraySize);
// Basic operations
void SetItem(uint32_t key, uint32_t value);
uint32_t GetItem(uint32_t key);
uint32_t GetItemCount();
void Clear();
#endif // __COMMON_HASHTABLE1_H__