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"@metadata": {
"authors": [
"John Lewis",
"centralauth-groupname": "Miraheze",
"mirahezemagic-description": "MediaWiki messages, scripts and hooks specific for Miraheze",
"miraheze-categories": "Categories",
"miraheze-close-email-subject": "Miraheze Wiki ($1) Closed",
"miraheze-close-email-body": "Hello,\n\nUnfortunately, due to your wiki not having edits in the last 60 days, it has been closed due to the Dormancy policy. If you would still like to edit your wiki please go to Special:ManageWiki and uncheck the \"closed\" box to reopen it.\n\nPlease note that if you do not reopen your wiki it is possible that another user will adopt your wiki. If you do not reopen your wiki or no one adopts your wiki in 6 months starting from now, it could be eligible for deletion.",
"miraheze-donate": "Donate",
"miraheze-helpcenter": "Miraheze Help Centre",
"miraheze-requestfeatures": "Request features on a wiki",
"miraheze-requestwiki": "Request a wiki",
"mirahezesurvey": "Miraheze Annual Survey 2020",
"miraheze-survey-access-d": "Daily",
"miraheze-survey-access-ft": "This is my first time",
"miraheze-survey-access-lm": "Less than once a month",
"miraheze-survey-access-m": "Once a month",
"miraheze-survey-access-sd": "Several (2+) times a day",
"miraheze-survey-access-sm": "Several (2+) times a month",
"miraheze-survey-access-sw": "Several (2+) times a week",
"miraheze-survey-access-w": "Once a week",
"miraheze-survey-agree-strong": "Strongly Agree",
"miraheze-survey-agree": "Agree",
"miraheze-survey-disagree-strong": "Strongly Disagree",
"miraheze-survey-disagree": "Disagree",
"miraheze-survey-done": "Thank you for completing the survey and telling us how you use the service and what you think! If you consented to Miraheze contacting you, we will be in touch shortly after July 15th. If you didn't, you can see an analysis of the survey responses on July 20th at!",
"miraheze-survey-header": "Complete the survey below to help Miraheze understand how you use the service and what you think about it. If you consent to Miraheze contacting you, your email will be stored until July 20th when it will be deleted from the survey storage. Your responses will be connected, however, your username will not be recorded along with your response. If you consent and later wish to either withdraw your consent or wish to change your email, please contact sre[at] preferably from the email you gave requesting this.",
"miraheze-survey-neutral": "Neutral",
"miraheze-survey-no": "No",
"miraheze-survey-yes": "Yes",
"miraheze-survey-q1": "Which of the following accurately describes your relationship to Miraheze?",
"miraheze-survey-q1-anon-read": "I do not have an account and I use Miraheze only to read wiki(s).",
"miraheze-survey-q1-anon-edit": "I do not have an account however I edit wiki(s).",
"miraheze-survey-q1-account-read": "I have a registered account however I only read wiki(s).",
"miraheze-survey-q1-account-edit": "I have a registered account and I edit wiki(s).",
"miraheze-survey-q1-account-manage": "I have a registered account, I edit wiki(s) and manage wiki(s) as well.",
"miraheze-survey-q2": "Is there any reason you do not have an account on Miraheze?",
"miraheze-survey-q3a": "How often do you use Miraheze to read wiki(s)?",
"miraheze-survey-q3b": "How often do you use Miraheze to edit wiki(s)?",
"miraheze-survey-q4a": "Which of the following categories/genres/themes describe the wiki(s) you read?",
"miraheze-survey-q4b": "Which of the following categories/genres/themes describe the wiki(s) you edit?",
"miraheze-survey-q5a": "How many wiki(s) do you read?",
"miraheze-survey-q5b": "How many wiki(s) do you edit?",
"miraheze-survey-q6": "The user interface I use on Miraheze is designed well and does not have a negative impact on my Miraheze experience.",
"miraheze-survey-q6-1": "Would you like to elaborate on your reply to the above?",
"miraheze-survey-q7": "Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is strongly disagree and 5 is strongly agree.",
"miraheze-survey-q7-ci": "I have a positive impression of the Miraheze community",
"miraheze-survey-q7-oe": "I am satisfied with my Miraheze experience",
"miraheze-survey-q7-si": "I have a positive impression of Miraheze Site Reliability Engineering (System Administrators)",
"miraheze-survey-q7-speed": "I am satisfied with Miraheze's speed when using the wiki",
"miraheze-survey-q7-tasks": "Tasks I filed on Phabricator were resolved to my satisfaction",
"miraheze-survey-q7-up": "I am satisfied with Miraheze's uptime",
"miraheze-survey-q7-wc": "The wiki I requested was created quickly",
"miraheze-survey-q8": "Have you used ManageWiki to manage your wiki(s)?",
"miraheze-survey-q8-c": "ManageWiki provides me with the control I expect",
"miraheze-survey-q8-e": "ManageWiki is easy to use",
"miraheze-survey-q8-f": "ManageWiki provides me with the flexibility I need",
"miraheze-survey-q8-u": "ManageWiki is a unique service",
"miraheze-survey-q9": "Is there any reason you chose Miraheze over other wiki hosting farms?",
"miraheze-survey-q11": "Check the box next to the following which you know are true about Miraheze",
"miraheze-survey-q11-d": "Miraheze is funded solely through donations from people like you",
"miraheze-survey-q11-f": "Miraheze publishes all of its financial information",
"miraheze-survey-q11-p": "Miraheze has a strong privacy stance (ex. we will never run adverts)",
"miraheze-survey-q11-s": "Miraheze is staffed by volunteers only",
"miraheze-survey-q11-v": "You can help Miraheze as a volunteer in either a technical or community role",
"miraheze-survey-q11-c": "Miraheze registered as a non-profit in November 2019 and has a Board of Directors",
"miraheze-survey-q11-cd": "Volunteers like yourself can be elected on the Board of Directors for Miraheze through community elections",
"miraheze-survey-q11-ai": "Miraheze is working on implementing Artificial Intelligence to automate creation of wikis",
"miraheze-survey-q12": "Do you have any issues with Miraheze which have a negative impact on your experience?",
"miraheze-survey-q13": "Are there any improvements or ideas you have that would improve your Miraheze experience?",
"miraheze-survey-q14": "Now is your chance to make any comments you'd like about Miraheze.",
"miraheze-survey-q15": "Would you be happy with Miraheze contacting you to discuss your answers?",
"miraheze-survey-q15-1": "You don't seem to have a confirmed email address with us. The email address you provide below will be deleted after contact is made with you.",
"miraheze-warnmessage": "<div class=\"wikitable\" style=\"text-align: center; width: 90%; margin-left: auto; margin-right:auto; padding: 15px; border: 4px solid black; background-color: #EEE;\"> <span class=\"plainlinks\">[ '''Miraheze Staff'''] has noticed that this wiki has [[Special:RecentChanges|'''no edits''']] or [[Special:Logs|'''logs''']] made within the last 45 days. If you would like to prevent this wiki from being '''closed''', please start showing signs of activity here. If there are no signs of this wiki being used within the next 15 days, this wiki may be closed per the [ '''Dormancy Policy''']. This wiki will then be eligible for adoption by another user. If not adopted and still inactive 135 days from now, this wiki will become eligible for '''deletion'''. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with Miraheze's [ Dormancy Policy]. If there is activity on this wiki you can go on [[MediaWiki:Sitenotice]] and remove this notice yourself. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to [ '''Contact Us'''].</span></div>",
"globalnewfiles": "Global New Files",
"group-abuse": "Abuse team",
"group-abuse-member": "{{GENDER:$1|abuse team}}",
"group-steward": "Stewards",
"group-steward-member": "{{GENDER:$1|steward}}",
"grouppage-steward": "m:Stewards",
"group-sysadmin": "System administrators",
"group-sysadmin-member": "{{GENDER:$1|system administrator}}",
"grouppage-sysadmin": "m:System administrators",
"group-interwiki-admin": "Interwiki Administrator",
"group-interwiki-admin-member": "interwiki administrator",
"grouppage-interwiki-admin": "m:Interwiki administrators",
"group-oversight": "Oversighters",
"group-oversight-member": "oversight",
"grouppage-oversight": "m:Oversight",
"group-checkuser": "Checkusers",
"group-checkuser-member": "checkuser",
"grouppage-checkuser": "m:CheckUser",
"group-wikicreator": "Wiki Creators",
"group-wikicreator-member": "{{GENDER:$1|wiki creator}}",
"grouppage-wikicreator": "m:Wiki creators",
"group-wikimanager": "Wiki Managers",
"group-wikimanager-member": "{{GENDER:$1|wiki manager}}",
"grouppage-wikimanager": "m:Wiki managers",
"group-rollbacker": "Rollbackers",
"group-rollbacker-member": "{{GENDER:$1|rollbacker}}",
"grouppage-rollbacker": "m:Meta:Rollbackers",
"group-autopatrolled": "Autopatrolled users",
"group-autopatrolled-member": "{{GENDER:$1|autopatrolled}}",
"grouppage-autopatrolled": "m:Meta:Autopatrolled users",
"group-confirmed": "Confirmed users",
"group-confirmed-member": "{{GENDER:$1|confirmed user}}",
"grouppage-confirmed": "m:Meta:Confirmed users",
"group-globalsysop": "Global Sysops",
"group-globalsysop-member": "{{GENDER:$1|Global Sysop}}",
"grouppage-globalsysop": "m:Global Sysops",
"group-proxybot": "Proxy Bot",
"group-proxybot-member": "proxy bot",
"grouppage-proxybot": "m:User:Proxybot",
"group-translator": "Translators",
"group-translator-member": "translator",
"group-translationadmin": "Translation administrators",
"group-translationadmin-member": "translation administrator",
"grouppage-translationadmin": "m:Meta:Translation administrators",
"group-global-ipblock-exempt": "Global IP block exemption",
"group-global-ipblock-exempt-member": "{{GENDER:$1|global IP block exempt}}",
"grouppage-global-ipblock-exempt": "m:Global IP block exemption",
"group-member": "Members",
"protect-level-user": "Allow only logged in users",
"restriction-delete": "Delete",
"restriction-level-user": "Allow only logged in users",
"right-user": "Edit pages protected as \"{{int:protect-level-user}}\"",
"right-viewglobalprivatefiles": "View global files filtered from private wikis",
"shared-repo-name-shared-commons": "Miraheze Commons",
"sitematrix": "List of Miraheze wikis",
"sitematrix-summary": "This special page lists all Miraheze wikis.",
"sitematrix-desc": "Displays a [[Special:SiteMatrix|list of Miraheze wikis]]",
"sitematrix-others": "Other Miraheze wikis",
"sitesupport": "",
"sitesupport-url": "",
"specialpages-group-wikimanage": "Wiki Management",
"termsofservice": "Terms of Use",
"termsofservicepage": "m:Terms of Use",
"tooltip-n-sitesupport": "",
"settings-anti-spam": "Anti Spam",
"settings-beta": "Beta",
"settings-chat": "Chat",
"settings-cosmos": "Cosmos skin",
"settings-edit": "Edit",
"settings-links": "Links",
"settings-localisation": "Localisation",
"settings-maps": "Maps",
"settings-media": "Media",
"settings-notifications": "Notifications",
"settings-recentchanges": "Recent Changes",
"settings-restricted": "Restricted",
"settings-styling": "Styling",
"settings-wikibase": "Wikibase",
"extensions-skins": "Skin"
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