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While this `political' talk is part of the first release of the Flowstamp
program, and while I will be happy to find it in possible derivatives as well,
there is no obligation on the user who wishes to derive a program from my
idea, to include any of this in his derivative work.
I only use this opportunity of publishing my Flowstamp program to write my
thoughts which censorship and worse would not allow me to freely publish is my
country Croatia which is currently ruled by traitors.
The user of Flowstamp program is absolutely fine not reading these political
texts of mine at all.
The user of Flowstamp program, or any passer-by for that matter, is absolutely
fine as well to read this and disagree with me, and try and reply to my my
thoughts and/or claims.
However, any potential reader of my political texts is bound only to remain
within netiquette if they do try to reply to this. Any eventual insuing debate
need to be public though, for me to further answer to possible
users'/passers-by'replies. Such as Offtopic on Gentoo Forums, or on Debian
Forums (or Devuan Forums, which I hope so much will soon be taking off
strong!), or somewhere else decent.
Don't mix these issues with the technical issues of the Flowstamp program in
any major way, please! Thank you!
#======================================================================# is my NGO's address.
If you're reading to learn what Google dit to me skip to "Youtube account
And the Latin words Croatia Fidelis (it's not English, it's Latin, it is
pronounced Crawaatzeeyaa, aw like in `awsome', not like in `oh no', `tz' like
in glitz and `eeyaa' like in `deep sea' or in `I see', with `aa' like the
Italians, the closest descendants of the old Latins, end their female and city
names (Julia, Roma, Genoa... it's Genova in Italian, and it's not `jennover',
but more like `jennovar' even `jennovaar', just cut the pronouncing short of
the final `r'), so pronounce: Crawaatzeeyaa Fidelis and know that it means the
Faithful Croatia, us faithful to our own nation, to our ancestors, our
Homeland, and to God... and...
[ WARNING: persecution could easily be upped on me by the subduedly
bloodthirsty regime in my country for my mere thinking and saying loudly my
following views ]
...and I am one politically persecuted, tollerant, or at least doing my best
to keep tollerant, Croatian rightwinger, a follower of the wrongfully
daemonized, at least w.r.t. the majority of it's members, Ustasha movement.
There is no formal movement, no membership, no meetings, just the idea lives.
World War II on the side of the Axis (no, not because we liked Hitler, but
because we wanted and attained from the Germans the freedom from Serbian
occupiers in Yugoslavia); the defeat cost my nation, in post-war massacres and
emmigrations, 15% to 20% of its population from our millenium and three
centuries historical territories, (approximately) half of those 15% to 20% of
the population ethnically cleansed from mother Earth through killings by
Tito's partisans, for which reason we still often dress in black, the other
(approximate) half dispersed throughout the world, having escaped with bare
Wrongfully daemonized we are, historically and in the surviving supporters of
the idea, in Croatia and worldwide... I'm not saying that all the Ustasha
were/are fine, I am saying that the majority of Ustasha were, and are, good,
honest, righteous people. For one thing, Ustasha movement was never
anti-semitic before 1941. And in 1941 the Croatian not-completely-independent
leadership partly misled/allowed misleading of the nation and some of the
Ustasha did racist and war crimes, which I not in the least approve of. But
the Jews were persecuted by the Germans who kept the reins of power over the
Croatian leaders, and not by the Croatian system.
Croatia was, most relevant to readers' understanding of my Nation, much larger
back then than it is today, principally to the East, and Croatia comprised in
fine harmony Catholics and Muslims, i.e. the today's Bosniac nation or
"nation" (lots of them want to remain Croats as ever) who separated away from
us in the breakdown of Yugoslavia wars in 1991-1995, and [back then] Croatia
comprised, I guess, somewhere up to at least 6 or 7 millions of population,
while, owing to Yugoslavia, my nation, the Catholic part, is now not much over
4 million in number (and I mean nation, not state, we are not a mixture from
among all nations like U.S. Americans; we are a millenial and older nation in
true sense of the word, or in the old meaning of the mord if you like better).
Back then I believe not many hundreds of thousands of Serbs were mixed among
us, and they are, genetically of completely different descent than us. Serbs
have often been unjust in their role as hegemonic dominant nation in
Yugoslavia, a state that also comprised Croatia. Their greed and prepotence,
and often cruelty provoked the other nations of Yugoslavia, and they are the
principal culprits for most of the local wars of the XX century, and at
earlier times as well. The more honest in among that nation don't lead and
don't dominate that nation neither today just as they did not throughout
Yugoslavia. Just like the Jews killed the great peacemaker with the
Palestinians Jitzak Rabin in the mature years of the state of Israel, the
Serbs killed the good Serbian leader Zoran Đinđić early in this millenium.
The advent of DNA testing must have confirmed all that which I wrote above on
the identical provenance of Croats Muslim and Catholic when the scientific
advances allowed it, at the turn of the millenium, and on the different
provenance of the Serbs. There is no "South Slav" common provenance, at least
not for my nation, now apparently divided in two.
Back to the Ustasha and their unjust daemonization in today's Croatia (and
wider). I do not approve of any crimes whatsoever, and neither Ustasha's
crimes. Now, the scale of millions of population and not dozens of millions of
population as USSR, US, UK, taken into account, in ratio that applies, the
Ustasha crimes were much less than, say, the US Americans' or the British'
crimes: Dresden, Hiroshima et cetera, and were so much, so much, so much less
than Tito's partisans' or Stalin's. Somewhat smaller in scale, but Tito's
communists were most certainly not the least bloody in among the
aforementioned! Tito's bolsheviks took to slaughter members of other nations
as well in these lands, but the largest scale massacres of theirs were against
the Croatian nation.
The ratio of Croatian lives destroyed from Croatian population of 1945 was
probably some of the worst of the modern genocides. Only Armenians, Cambodians
and Rwanda's Tutsis suffered killings by even worse ratio! And the Germans
only in their expatriate population (true, they were almost wiped out in 1945
from the then Yugostavia territory!).
And we are talking women, children, elderly, not just POWs that Tito's
bolsheviks took to slaughter!
And here we came to our time and to me and my Croatia of today. In today's
Croatia at the helm and in command there is the worst possible regime still
holding to power, and threatening to succeed to keep on (it has been only
partly deposed as the traitor Chetnik-lover Ivo Josipović failed to be
re-elected for President, and a Patriotic Kolinda Grabar Kitarović was elected
for President of the Republic of Croatia and took office in February of 2015).
The titoists' bloodiest slaughterers' progenie and/or friends thereof still
threaten to hold their firm grip on power in Croatia today, with
yugoslav-revisionist covert but recognizable development in my Homeland and in
Bosnia and Herzegovina. And the Ustasha are in this day daemonized and their
crimes are blown out of proportions while the so much larger, in scale and in
cruelty, genocide against my Croatian people by the Titoists is minimized very
often nearly completely out of sight.
Along with that Yugoslav revisionism goes a near complete media blackout in
Croatia and respectively in Bosnia for almost anything regarding the same
identity, and only different religion, of the Croatian Muslims or Bosniacs and
of us Croatian Catholics, as if us Catholics and them Muslims weren't of the
one and the same descent.
And I can't stand for my nation being treated so by its treacherous leaders,
and can't bear seeing our territories depopulated from us and being ruled by
non-Croats and non-Bosniacs and by traitors and occupiers. And I act with my
words and my videos.
Youtube account miroR2
However my whole Youtube account miroR2 (it was at: --but nothing there anymore), at the turn of
March to April 2014, by work easily guessed to have been the work by the
traitors in power, of over five hundred (500) videos and of over six hundred
thousand views (over 600,000 nominal; censored falsely diminished views not
accounted for), was removed. Wholesale. All at the spur of a decision of some
bigger-then-life in his own eyes traitor/occupier in power probably. As for
months before the termination of my account I was not active with posting new
videos. And the videos had been there growing in numbers, as I uploaded them in
the span of some five years by the time of those few months before the
termination. So how truthful does the "copyright breach" excuse for
terminating it sound?
You see, I am politically persecuted, and if you don't hear or read from me in
longer time, I certainly must have fallen victim to some ploy of the regime,
no exclusion of possible blows that might be delivered against me, since after
all, I had previously had even jail time, the suspended four month sentence,
hanging over me on spurious copyright charges, for two years, after a rigged
and rather lengthy court trial in abuse of my rights by some regime's judge
and some attorney, of same affiliation, obviosly asking for directives, and
acting in accordance with, what was asked of them, further above in regime's
Pls. leave this as is (but you don't have the legal obligation to do so!), and
keep it on in case of derivative works. My human rights, and my nations'
rights should have room in the archive of this program! Leave it for reasons
of free speech if none other.
Miroslav Rovis, Zagreb, Croatia,
My contacts:
Miroslav Rovis
Vankina 4
10020 Zagreb
WARNING: I don't use the email often. The phones are most of the time first
looked into who the caller is, by the secret services, and then often, without
any logic other then the subdued bloodthirstiness, often simply left for the
caller's ear to ring as if connected, while, no signal whatsoever is left
through to me. I am openly studying ways of the internet defences to be able
to one day be reachable and reaching on the internet, but that is taking long
time, longer than this program. I'm not extraordinarily talented.
Possible SOLUTION: use these FOSS-based services, like Github, or forums where
I mostly do have freedom to talk, if things don't change, such as Gentoo
Forums, or FFmpeg mailing list, where I intend to open a topic dedicated to
this Flowstamp program of mine, for public issues you might have with this
program, and try and send a private message on Gentoo Forums if you can not
reach me via some of the emails above after you waited for my reply for a few
weeks (but be aware it can take me even longer).
To this flowstamp_HR_U.txt file there is also part two, the