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;;;; sytes.lisp
(in-package #:sytes)
(export '(register-syte
;;; "sytes" goes here. Hacks and glory await!
(defparameter *syte-names* (make-hash-table :test #'equal))
(defparameter *current-syte* nil)
(defparameter *syte-toplevel-context* (tmpl:make-context :name "SYTES"))
(defun reset-caches ()
(defmacro report-time-spent (name &body body)
(let ((t1 (gensym)))
`(let ((,t1 (get-internal-real-time)))
(progn ,@body)
(tbnl:log-message* :TIME "~A: ~3$s"
(/ (- (get-internal-real-time) ,t1)
(with-open-file (in (merge-pathnames "template/instance.syt"
(asdf:find-system :sytes))))
(funcall (tmpl::compile (tmpl::parse in) :context *syte-toplevel-context*)
(defclass syte ()
((names :accessor syte-names
:initarg :names)
(root :accessor syte-root
:initarg :root)
(context :accessor syte-context
:initarg :context)
(url-handlers :accessor syte-url-handlers
:initarg :url-handlers
:initform nil))
:names (error "Syte names are missing")
:root (error "Syte root is missing")))
(defun maybe-exec-boot (syte &key
(boot ".boot.syt")
(root (syte-root syte)))
(let ((boot (merge-pathnames boot root)))
(when (probe-file boot)
(let ((ctx (syte-context syte)))
(multiple-value-bind (tmpl was-cached)
(tmpl::compile-file boot
:parent-context ctx
:sub-context ctx)
(unless was-cached
(funcall (tmpl:template-function tmpl) ctx)))))))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((syte syte) &key names root context &allow-other-keys)
(unless context
(setf root
(setf (syte-root syte) (fad:pathname-as-directory (truename root))))
(setf context
(setf (syte-context syte) (tmpl:make-context :name (car names) :root root :parent *syte-toplevel-context*))))
(tmpl:defglobal-context (tmpl:tops "%filters%") (make-hash-table :test #'equal) context))
(defun register-syte (syte)
(loop for name in (syte-names syte)
do (setf (gethash name *syte-names*) syte)))
(defun unregister-syte (syte)
(loop for name in (syte-names syte)
do (remhash name *syte-names*)))
(defun url-to-file (file &optional (syte *current-syte*))
(let* ((root (syte-root syte))
(pos (position-if-not (lambda (x) (char= x #\/)) file))
(redirect nil))
(if pos
(setf file (subseq file pos))
(setf file ""))
(setf file (merge-pathnames file root))
((fad:directory-exists-p file)
(setf redirect (not (fad:directory-pathname-p file))
file (merge-pathnames "index.syt"
(fad:pathname-as-directory file))))
(when (fad:directory-pathname-p file)
(setf file (fad:pathname-as-file file)))
(unless (probe-file file)
(setf file (make-pathname :defaults file :type "syt")))))
(values file redirect)))
(defgeneric syte-locate-template (syte request)
(:method ((syte syte) request)
(let ((script (tbnl:script-name request)))
(url-to-file script syte))))
(defgeneric syte-request-handler (syte request)
(:method ((syte (eql nil)) request)
(format nil "No syte defined for host ~A" (hostname request)))
(:method ((syte syte) request)
(maybe-exec-boot syte)
(let ((file)
(script (tbnl:script-name request))
(loop for (regexp . handler) in (syte-url-handlers syte) do
(multiple-value-bind (match-start match-end reg-starts reg-ends)
(ppcre:scan regexp script)
(declare (ignore match-start match-end))
(when reg-starts
(let* ((registers (map 'list (lambda (start end)
(when (and start end)
(subseq script start end)))
reg-starts reg-ends))
(result (apply handler registers)))
(unless (eq result :continue)
(destructuring-bind (&key
variables template redirect
content static-file content-type
status) result
(when redirect
(tbnl:redirect redirect))
(when static-file
(return-from syte-request-handler
(tbnl:handle-static-file static-file content-type)))
(when content-type
(setf (tbnl:content-type*) content-type))
(when status
(setf (tbnl:return-code*) status))
(when content
(return-from syte-request-handler content))
(if template
(multiple-value-setq (file redirect)
(url-to-file template syte)))
(when variables
(setf moarvars variables))
(unless file
(multiple-value-setq (file redirect)
(syte-locate-template syte request))
(when redirect
(tbnl:redirect (format nil "~A/" (tbnl:script-name request))))
(setf forbidden (let ((filename (pathname-name file)))
(or (and (> (length filename) 0)
(char= #\. (char filename 0)))
(and (string-equal (pathname-type file) "syt")
(or (string-equal filename "autohandler")
(string-equal filename "dhandler")))))))
(let ((*package* (find-package :sytes.%runtime%)))
(tmpl:exec-template-request file (syte-root syte) (syte-context syte)
:variables moarvars
:forbidden forbidden)))))
(defmacro def-url-handler ((syte regexp &rest args) &body body)
(with-rebinds (syte regexp)
`(setf (syte-url-handlers ,syte)
(acons ,regexp (lambda (&optional ,@args)
(declare (ignorable ,@args))
(syte-url-handlers ,syte)))))
(defmethod syte-request-handler :around ((syte syte) request)
(report-time-spent (format nil "~A~A"
(car (syte-names syte))
(tbnl:script-name request))
;;; hunchentoot stuff
(defclass sytes-request (tbnl:request)
(defclass sytes-acceptor (tbnl:acceptor)
:error-template-directory nil
:access-log-destination "/tmp/sytes.log"
:message-log-destination "/tmp/sytes.messages"
:port 7379
:request-class 'sytes-request))
(defparameter *acceptor* nil)
(defun start-server (&key (port 7379))
(setf *acceptor* (make-instance 'sytes-acceptor :port port))
(tbnl:start *acceptor*))
(defun stop-server ()
(tbnl:stop *acceptor*)
(setf *acceptor* nil))
(defgeneric hostname (request)
(:method ((request sytes-request))
(let* ((host (tbnl:host request))
(split (split-sequence #\: host)))
(car split))))
(defmethod tbnl:acceptor-dispatch-request ((acceptor sytes-acceptor) request)
(setf (tbnl:content-type*) "text/html; charset=UTF-8")
;; (tbnl:start-session)
(let* ((host (hostname request))
(syte (gethash host *syte-names*))
(*current-syte* syte))
(syte-request-handler syte request)))
(defmethod tbnl:acceptor-status-message ((acceptor sytes-acceptor) code &key &allow-other-keys)
(unless (= code 404)
;;; some more primitives
((getpath (name &optional (current tmpl:*current-template*))
(let* ((path (pathname name))
(dir (pathname-directory path)))
(if (eq (car dir) :absolute)
(let ((path (make-pathname :defaults path
:directory (list* :relative (cdr dir)))))
(merge-pathnames path (syte-root *current-syte*)))
(merge-pathnames path (tmpl:template-filename current)))))
(process (name defs)
(let* ((tmpl (tmpl:compile-file (getpath name)))
(ctx (tmpl:make-context :name (tmpl:template-filename tmpl)
:parent tmpl::*current-context*)))
(values (apply (tmpl:template-function tmpl) ctx defs)
(tmpl:def-primitive "require"
(lambda (name &rest defs)
(multiple-value-bind (text ctx)
(process name defs)
(declare (ignore text))
(tmpl:def-primitive "process"
(lambda (name &rest defs)
(process name defs)))
(tmpl:def-primitive "include"
(lambda (name)
(let ((filename (getpath name)))
(when (fad:file-exists-p filename)
(read-whole-file-utf8 filename))))))
(tmpl:def-primitive "absurl"
(lambda (relink)
(destructuring-bind (relink &optional hash)
(ppcre:split "#" relink :limit 2)
(with-output-to-string (out)
(let* ((current tmpl:*current-template*)
(filename (tmpl:template-filename current))
(directory (make-pathname :directory (pathname-directory filename)))
(root (syte-root *current-syte*))
(relbase (list* :absolute
(cdr (pathname-directory (enough-namestring filename root)))))
(absolute-url (merge-pathnames relink (make-pathname :directory relbase)))
(absolute-file (merge-pathnames relink directory)))
(write-string (namestring
((fad:directory-exists-p absolute-file)
(fad:pathname-as-directory absolute-url))
((and (fad:file-exists-p absolute-file)
(awhen (pathname-type absolute-file)
(string-equal it "syt")))
(let ((name (pathname-name absolute-url)))
(make-pathname :directory (pathname-directory absolute-url)
:name (unless (string= name "index") name))))
absolute-url))) out)
(when hash
(write-char #\# out)
(write-string hash out)))))))
(tmpl:def-primitive "sameurl"
(lambda (url1 &optional url2)
(let ((file1 (url-to-file url1))
(file2 (if url2
(url-to-file url2)
(tmpl:template-filename tmpl:*request-template*))))
((canonic (name)
(when (fad:file-exists-p ,name)
(setf ,name (truename ,name)))
(when (pathnamep ,name)
(setf ,name (namestring ,name))))))
(canonic file1)
(canonic file2)
(let ((dir (namestring (make-pathname :directory (pathname-directory file1)))))
(cons (equal file1 file2)
(starts-with file2 dir)))))))
(tmpl:def-primitive "http/set-status"
(lambda (status)
(when (symbolp status)
(setf status (symbol-name status)))
(when (stringp status)
(let* ((name (format nil "+HTTP-~A+" (string-upcase status)))
(sym (find-symbol name :hunchentoot)))
(when sym (setf status (symbol-value sym)))))
(setf (tbnl:return-code*) status)))
(tmpl:def-primitive "http/set-content-type"
(lambda (ct)
(setf (tbnl:content-type*) ct)))
(tmpl:def-primitive "http/script-name"
(lambda ()
(tmpl:def-primitive "http/parameter"
(lambda (name)
(tbnl:parameter name)))
(defun def-syte-primitive (syte name func)
(tmpl:def-primitive name func (syte-context syte)))
;;; entry point for buildapp
(defparameter *running* t)
(defun main (argv)
(declare (ignore argv))
(sb-daemon:daemonize :output "/tmp/sytes.output"
:error "/tmp/sytes.error"
:exit-parent t
:sigterm (lambda (sig)
(declare (ignore sig))
(setf *running* nil)))
(setf *running* t)
(loop while *running* do (sleep 1))))