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Anubis Theme for Hugo License: MIT

⚠️ Theme is no longer maintained

Thank you all.
More info:

Anubis is a simple minimalist theme for Hugo blog engine.

Anubis Screenshot


  • Dark mode (automatic / by switcher)
  • Pagination
  • Multiple taxonomies: tags, categories, authors
  • Multiple sections: posts, notes, etc with customization
  • Archive
  • Table of Contents
  • Open Graph and Twitter Cards support
  • Mobile support
  • Social icons
  • Google Analytics
  • Umami Analytics
  • Comment systems: Disqus, ISSO,, GraphComment, Giscus
  • RSS feeds
  • Related posts (Read Next section)
  • Deploy via Netlify (config included in example site)
  • Hiding posts from the RSS feed
  • Hidden posts (available only by link)
  • Translations (en, ru, fr, pl)
  • Custom CSS/JS
  • Multilingual mode
  • Robots.txt
  • Favorite posts
  • Pagination on post single page
  • Optional "Read more" link
  • webmentions


You need to install an extended version of Hugo to run this theme.

As Hugo Module (easier and recommended)

Initiate a hugo module system from your project's root directory

hugo mod init<your_user>/<your_project>

Add the following to your config.toml or config.yaml

theme =  [""]

As Git Submodule

Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ git submodule add themes/anubis

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Getting started

After installing the theme successfully it requires a just a few more steps to get your site running.

Update config file

If you have toml config (which is by default), you should rename it to config.yaml or adapt this config for toml syntax.

Example of config.yaml:

languageCode: "en-us"
baseUrl: ""
title: "Anubis"
theme: "anubis"
paginate: 10
disqusShortname: "yourdiscussshortname"
googleAnalytics: "G-12345"
enableRobotsTXT: true

  - identifier: archive
    name: Archive
    title: Archive
    url: /posts/
    weight: 0

  author: "John Doe"
  email: # used for microformats
  avatar: "/images/me.png" # used for microformats
  description: ""
  # Uncomment if you need this
  # images:
  #   - images/og-featured.png # relative path to "static" directory
  # customCSS:
  #   - css/my.css # relative path to "assets" directory (don't use main.css filename)
  # customJS:
  #   - js/main.js # relative path to "assets" directory
  dateFormat: "2006-01-02"
  paginationSinglePost: true
  style: light-without-switcher
  mainSections: [ "posts" ] # which sections should be on index/main page
  sectionsWithFullContentOnListPage: [ "notes" ] # for which sections content should be displayed on list pages
  readMore: false # show read more button
  readNextPosts: 5  # show 5 related posts, 0 by default
  disableSummary: false
  toc: true # display Table of Contents
  tocWordCount: 300 # ...when a post is longer than 300 words
  copyCodeButton: true # true by default
  rssAsSocialIcon: true
  mathjax: false #
  # support
  utterancesRepo: ""  # mandatory
  utterancesTheme: "" # optional
  utterancesIssue: "" # optional
  utterancesLabel: "" # optional
  # isso support
    enabled: true # mandatory
    data: "" # mandatory
    jsLocation: "" # mandatory
    css: true # optional
    lang: "de" # optional
    replyToSelf: true # mandatory
    requireAuthor: true # mandatory
    requireEmail: true # mandatory
    id: "thread-id" # optional
    avatar: true # optional
    avatar-bg: "#f0f0f0" # optional
    feed: false # optional
    enabled: true # mandatory
    dnt: true # optional
    id: "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" # mandatory
    datacache: false # optional
    url: "" # mandatory
  graphcommentId: ""
  # giscus support
  GiscusRepo: "" # mandatory
  GiscusRepoId: "" # mandatory
  GiscusCategory: "Announcements" # mandatory
  GiscusCategoryId: "" # mandatory
  GiscusLazyLoad: false # optional
    login: hugo-theme-anubis
    pingback: true
  - id: github
    name: gohugoio
#  - id: hugo
#    url: ""
#    icon: "hugo"

      unsafe: true # enable raw HTML in Markdown

Check your site

In order to see your site in action, run Hugo's built-in local server.

$ hugo server

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.

Feature Settings

Dark Mode

Customize via style param in params section of config. Options:

  • light-without-switcher - light theme, without switcher (by default)
  • dark-without-switcher - dark theme, without switcher
  • auto-without-switcher - theme based on user system settings, without switcher
  • light - light theme by default, can be switched by user to dark theme and back. Theme settings are saved for user
  • dark - dark theme by default, can be switched by user to light theme and back. Theme settings are saved for user
  • auto - theme based on user system settings by default, can be switched by user to dark/light theme. Theme settings are saved for user (by default in example sites)

Table of Contents

If toc param in params section of the config file is set to true, Table of Contents is generated for every post that is at least tocWordCount words long (0 by default, also belongs to the params section of the config).

This behavior can be overridden on per-post basis by setting toc to either true or false in the front matter of a post.

Social icons

Predefined icons

To add icon from predefined list, add to config:

  • id of social network
  • name for placeholder (usually it's your nickname or login)

Predefined list:

  • email
  • facebook
  • github
  • instagram
  • linkedin
  • mastodon (need full url)
  • patreon
  • reddit
  • snapchat
  • soundcloud
  • spotify
  • telegram
  • twitch
  • twitter
  • vk
  • youtube


  - id: github
    name: gohugoio

Config like this generate github icon with "" url.

Predefined icons with custom url

To add predefined icon with custom url, add to config:

  • id of social network
  • full url to your network


  - id: github
    url: ""

Config like this generate github icon with "" url.

Custom icons

To add custom icon, add to config:

  • id of social network/site
  • full url to your network/site

Also you need to create directory static/fa-icons and add svg icon of your network/site with name equals to id from config.


  - id: google
    url: "'m+lucky"

Icon should be "static/fa-icons/google.svg"

If you want font awesome icons, download "Font Awesome For Desktop" and open svg directory.

Google Analytics

Only works for production environment.

Multilingual mode

Check config/example usage in exampleSiteMultilingual directory and documentation on Hugo site.


RSS is available by site url + /index.xml. Also available for specific language, section, taxonomy.
rssAsSocialIcon parameter enables rss social icon with link to site current language RSS.


Based on environment.
For production — allow all, for other — disallow all.

Favorite posts

Add favorite: true to post front matter. It adds a "★" icon nearby post's title.

Related posts (Read Next section)

Based on readNextPosts config parameter. Check this article for configuration details.

Hiding posts from RSS

Add disable_feed: true to post front matter.

Make post available only by link

Add hidden: true to post front matter. Post also is not available in RSS feed.

Pagination on post single page

Enabled by paginationSinglePost param in params section of config.


To provide webmention support you can either specify your username with login: webmentionusername or specify a link to your custom webmention endpoint with url: If you use you can also enable pingback with pingback: true

Disabling comments per-page basis

Add disableComments: true to post front matter.

Custom shortcodes

Video (for local videofiles)

Example: {{< video src="/media/movie.mp4" type="video/mp4" preload="auto" caption="Some caption" alt="Some alt" >}}


If you find a bug or have an idea for a feature, feel free to write an issue or make a PR.


See issues.



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