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Blueprint template lookup not documented enough #266

mitsuhiko opened this Issue · 8 comments

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The new blueprint template lookup scheme where the templates folder is just added to the searchpath instead of doing some weird stuff with the names as before. The documentation has to be clearer about that.

@rduplain rduplain was assigned

When you say documentation, do you mean docstrings in the source and the like, or docs/blueprints.rst? What about them do you wish was clearer?


This is fixed.

The template folder is added to the searchpath of templates but with a lower priority than the actual application’s template folder. That way you can easily override templates that a blueprint provides in the actual application.

@rduplain rduplain closed this

So if you have a blueprint in the folder yourapplication/admin and you want to render the template 'admin/index.html' and you have provided templates as a template_folder you will have to create a file like this: yourapplication/admin/templates/admin/index.html.


This still confusing. Can you add some examples in the documentation?


The current documentation ( is still confusing. It should state that the reason we have to render 'admin/index.html' instead of 'index.html' is to avoid name conflict.

However, I would consider a bug.


@rduplain I have been struggling with this BUG for an hour. And It is so not a feature. At least, there should be some argument could be set to make the higher priority of template_folder.

PS. How to print the current searchpath of templates?


Reopening because of doc issues.

@untitaker untitaker reopened this
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