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Javascript validator for UUID versions 1 through 5
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Useful little package to validate UUIDs in Node.js. Usage:

var validate = require('uuid-validate');

// Let's validate a uuid version 1. If we don't pass a version, it'll
// infer it based on the uuid itself.
validate('95ecc380-afe9-11e4-9b6c-751b66dd541e'); // => true

// We can tell it what version to expect, and if it gets the wrong
// version, it'll return false.
validate('95ecc380-afe9-11e4-9b6c-751b66dd541e', 1); // => true (it's version 1)
validate('95ecc380-afe9-11e4-9b6c-751b66dd541e', 4); // => false (it's not version 4)

// You can also pass buffers instead of strings.
// This works for UUID versions 1 through 4

// If you want to find out what version a UUID is:
validate.version('95ecc380-afe9-11e4-9b6c-751b66dd541e'); // => 1
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