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class Autocomplete
@publishCursor: (cursor, sub) ->
# This also attaches an onStop callback to sub, so we don't need to worry about that.
Mongo.Collection._publishCursor(cursor, sub, "autocompleteRecords")
Meteor.publish 'autocomplete-recordset', (selector, options, collName) ->
collection = global[collName]
unless collection
throw new Error(collName + ' is not defined on the global namespace of the server.')
# This is a semi-documented Meteor feature:
unless collection._isInsecure()
Meteor._debug(collName + ' is a secure collection, therefore no data was returned because the client could compromise security by subscribing to arbitrary server collections via the browser console. Please write your own publish function.')
return [] # We need this for the subscription to be marked ready
# guard against client-side DOS: hard limit to 50
options.limit = Math.min(50, Math.abs(options.limit)) if options.limit
# Push this into our own collection on the client so they don't interfere with other publications of the named collection.
# This also stops the observer automatically when the subscription is stopped.
Autocomplete.publishCursor( collection.find(selector, options), this)
# Mark the subscription ready after the initial addition of documents.