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# Still fails when files may contain spaces
# Run the editor on all the files that have been modified from the
# current index. Useful to resume work when you left the working tree
# dirty. Useful following a "git reset HEAD^" to continue work on the
# stuff you were working on before. Useful following a failed merge.
chomp(my @changed = qx{git status --porcelain});
exit 1 unless $? == 0;
s/^.. // or die "<$_>???\n" for @changed;
die "Fucking shell, how does it work?\n"
if grep / /, @changed;
@changed = qw(.) unless @changed;
chomp(my @lines = qx{find @changed -type f });
exit 1 unless $? == 0;
# maybe should use output of "git var GIT_EDITOR" here?
# But then I have to involve the !@&*!@*(&!@ shell
my $ed = $ENV{VISUAL} || $ENV{EDITOR} || "emacs";
exec $ed, @lines;
die "exec $ed: $!\n";
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