skydrive-client get notebook type file will fail #2

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jas0nliu commented Dec 2, 2012

Http Response: 400

str: {
"error": {
"code": "request_url_invalid",
"message": "Resource type 'notebook' doesn't support the path 'content'."


mk-fg commented Dec 2, 2012

Hm, indeed it seems so.
I'm not sure what can be done there though.

From the linked doc, it appears to be some proprietary thing that OneNote can use and it can't be downloaded as-is (there's no "source" in info either), so one shouldn't use "get" for it, and that's it.
Guess there can be some different error message, but I didn't really try to make them more user-friendly in any way, so "get" on a "folder" object should produce a similar error.

What do you propose should be done about this?


mk-fg commented Dec 14, 2012

With no additional input, I still have no idea what was the expected result in this case, so I'll close the issue.

If SkyDrive doesn't allow to "get" these things, guess nothing can be done about it, and raising (or rather allowing to raise) error seem to be the logical and expected behavior here.

Feel free to reopen it if you have different thoughts on the matter.

mk-fg closed this Dec 14, 2012

OneNote appears to use a mix of SOAP and WebDav to communicate with - is there any interest in making this work in python-onedrive?


mk-fg commented Nov 17, 2014

Not from me, to be honest, as I'm unlikely to ever use onedrive as anything but backend for tahoe-lafs or similar thing, and haven't actually been using it for the last half-year (or so) at all.

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