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Test suite.
from evaluation import *
from mini_qa import *
# Standard library
import json
import traceback
failed_tests = 0
def test(code, result=None):
global failed_tests
print "\nTesting: "+code
if result: print "Expecting: "+result
print "Output: %s" % eval(code)
if result:
print eval(result)
if eval(code) == eval(result):
print "Test passed"
print "Test failed"
failed_tests += 1
def finish_test():
print "\n\nNUMBER OF FAILED TESTS: %s\n\n" % failed_tests
test("tokenize(\"Who is the world\'s no. 1 tennis player?\")",
"['who', 'is', 'the', 'worlds', 'no', '1', 'tennis', 'player']")
test("remove_spurious_words('This is a Cached version of something Similar to a regular sentence')",
"'This is a version of something to a regular sentence'")
test("candidate_answers('The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy grey dogs', ('brown', 'dogs'))",
"[('The',), ('quick',), ('fox',), ('jumped',), ('over',), ('the',), ('lazy',), ('grey',), ('The', 'quick'), ('quick', 'fox'), ('fox', 'jumped'), ('jumped', 'over'), ('over', 'the'), ('the', 'lazy'), ('lazy', 'grey'), ('The', 'quick', 'fox'), ('quick', 'fox', 'jumped'), ('fox', 'jumped', 'over'), ('jumped', 'over', 'the'), ('over', 'the', 'lazy'), ('the', 'lazy', 'grey')]")
test("ngrams(['the', 'quick', 'brown'], 2)",
"[('the', 'quick'), ('quick', 'brown')]")
# In the following, only evaluate to 1 decimal place. Using floats
# the test may not pass, because of the ambiguities of floating point
# arithmetic
test("int(ngram_score(('Hello', 'there'), 7)*10)/10.0",
"%s" % (int(7 *CAPITALIZATION_FACTOR*10)/10.0))
test("is_capitalized('Hello')", "True")
test("is_capitalized('hello')", "False")
def test_qa_pairs():
Count the number of question-answer pairs in the qa_pairs.json
f = open("qa_pairs.json")
qa_pairs = json.load(f)
return len(qa_pairs)
print "\nTesting whether the qa_pairs.json file parses"
print "Number of evaluation question-answer pairs is %s" % test_qa_pairs()
print "Test failed"
failed_tests += 1