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-- Tests DB connection bindings
-- Configuration can be set with the following environment variables:
-- TEST_SERVER ('localhost')
-- TEST_DB ('test')
-- TEST_USER (nil, no auth will be done)
-- TEST_PASS ('')
local mongo = require 'mongo'
local os = require 'os'
local lunity = require 'tests.lunity'
function setup()
test_server = os.getenv('TEST_SERVER') or 'localhost'
test_user = os.getenv('TEST_USER') or nil
test_password = os.getenv('TEST_PASS') or ''
test_db = os.getenv('TEST_DB') or 'test'
test_ns = test_db .. '.conn_values'
function teardown()
function test_ReplicaSet()
-- Create a Connection object
local db = mongo.Connection.New()
assertNotNil( db, 'unable to create mongo.Connection' )
assert( db:connect(test_server), 'unable to forcefully connect to mongo instance' )
-- test data
local data = { a = 10, b = 'str1' }
local data_as_json = "{'a': 10, 'b': 'str1'}"
-- auth if we need to
if test_user then
assertTrue( db:auth{dbname=test_db, username=test_user, password=test_password}, "unable to auth to db" )
-- drop existing data
assertTrue( db:drop_collection(test_ns) )
-- insert a value into the namespace 'test.values'
assertTrue( db:insert(test_ns, data), 'unable to insert table-based data' )
-- insert the same using a JSON string
assertTrue( db:insert(test_ns, data_as_json), 'unable to insert JSON-based data' )
-- check the data
assertEqual( 2, db:count(test_ns) )
-- query all the values in the namespace, ensuring the values are equal to the inserted values
local q = db:query( test_ns, {} )
assertNotNil( q, 'unable to create Query object' )
for result in q:results() do
assertEqual( result.a, data.a )
assertEqual( result.b, data.b )
-- query for a single result from the namespace
local result = db:find_one( test_ns, {} )
assertNotNil( result, 'could not find result' )
assertEqual( result.a, data.a )
assertEqual( result.b, data.b )
local t = {setup=setup, test=test_ReplicaSet, teardown=teardown}