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MochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.


MochiWeb provides a lightweight and fast solution for building HTTP servers in Erlang. The library provides features for building robust and scalable HTTP servers.

Getting Started

Before you can use MochiWeb, you'll need to have Erlang OTP installed. Once you have Erlang OTP installed, you can download the latest version of MochiWeb from the GitHub repository.

For a MochiWeb project, first obtain a copy of MochiWeb using Git by running the command.

$ git clone git://

To create a project.

$ cd mochiweb
$ make app PROJECT=exampleName

You can now start the project with.

$ cd ../exampleName/
$ make
$ ./

You can access the app by navigating to http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

For an example, view the example_project in the examples/ folder.


  • Lightweight: MochiWeb is designed to be lightweight and fast, making it ideal for use in resource-constrained environments.

  • Easy to use: MochiWeb provides a simple and intuitive API that makes it easy to get started with building HTTP servers.

  • Robust: MochiWeb provides a comprehensive set of features for building robust and scalable HTTP servers.

Documentations and Resources

Information about Rebar (Erlang build tool)

Mailing list

OTP 21.2, 21.2.1, 21.2.2 warning

OTP 21.2 (up to and including 21.2.2) introduced an SSL regression that makes these releases unsafe to use. See ERL-830. This issue was resolved in OTP 21.2.3.


MochiWeb is an open-source project and welcomes contributions from the community.