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A tool predicts the Estimated Time of Arrival of Monero (XMR) transaction
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This tool predicts the Estimated Time of Arrival of Monero (XMR) transaction.

The scripts get mempool and block data from explore. After caculation, informatino will be uploaded to ThingSpeak database for further usage.

Demo page:


  • Create a thingspeak account
  • Create a channel and get the write api key
  • save the api key string as a "thingspeak_key.txt" in the same folder with
  • pip install requests
  • run the
  • Check the output and thingspeak

Thingspeak page

Console output sample

Height: 1412417

Last block hash: 491e172c7973bde9cee34dcb010106f53927591bcbf960b2b578a7420e3f7fa6

Block size hard limit: 614.40 kB

Predicted blockchain size per day: 210.94 mB

Mempool txs: 9

Valid Mempool txs size: 77.86 kB

Med. valid tx: 12.85 kB (6 txs)

Dynamic block size: 300.00 kB

Avg. of last 30 blocks: 46.26 kB

Block usage: 15.42 %

Approx. tx speed per hour: 119 TPH

Longest valid txs wait: 00:02:17 (fee: 0.0140, size: 13.35 kB)

Predicted block txs: 6 valid txs (77k) ( 26% )

Predicted block time: predict: 1, tph: 2, longest: 2

Average wait time: 1 +- 0 blocks ( 0 hr: 2 min )

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