Simple weather only in farenheit ? #226

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Hi, any idea why simple weather only display the weather in farenheit ?


Yahoo has made some changes to their API . So I guess that is temporary solution.

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biapar commented Mar 25, 2016

The yahoo api work now on public url.

biapar commented Mar 25, 2016

Simple workaround

temp = F temperature
function getMyAltTemp(unit, temp) { if(unit === 'c') { return Math.round((5.0/9.0)*(temp-32.0)); } else { return Math.round((9.0/5.0)*temp+32.0); } }


Celsius also not displaying for my WOEID


As the bug is only displaying Farenheit, I came to this solution:

// Based on @biapar answer (y)
var getCelsius = function (temp) {
    return Math.round((5.0/9.0)*(temp-32.0));

var isFarenheitBug = weather.units.temp === "F";
if (isFarenheitBug) {
    weather.temp = getCelsius(parseInt(weather.temp));
    weather.units.temp = "C";

Hope its useful :)


Celsius seems to be working with the exception of "wind chill" ( feels like ). I really hate asking but I don't suppose someone could point methe right direction for a work around for this? Been banging my head for a few days now on this one with no luck .

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