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2009-05-05: 0.9.0 Release
* Major bug fix in Avahi provider where service registration would not
work most of the time due to the interface being set to 0 instead of
unspecified (-1) by default
* Added the an ushort UPort property to IRegisterService for users who
need to pass a port value greater than Int16.MaxValue without having
to do an unchecked cast of the ushort port to short
2008-09-11: 0.8.0 Release
* New Avahi provider using DBus instead of libavahi
* Improved IPv6 support (AddressProtocol/A6 query support)
* Garbage Collection bug fixed in the Bonjour backend, regarding delegates
passed to native code being GCed prematurely; thanks to Josh Coole
* New MZClient features: support for setting interface, domain, and
address type restrictions on browse/resolve operations; new general
verbosity options
2008-03-20: 0.7.6 Release
* Added a NetworkInterface property to the IService object
* Support IPv6 host address resolutions and set the IPv6 zone
automatically to the network interface index
2008-01-25: 0.7.5 Release
* Fixed major packaging/install bug - 0.7.4 lacked GAC version policy
assembly support, so applications could break when Mono.Zeroconf
were upgraded
* Visual Studio solution/projects now work with Visual Studio 2005
2008-01-23: 0.7.4 Release
* Fixed a big IP address resolution bug in the Bonjour provider
that manifested only under .NET on Windows XP SP2
* Minor bug fix in MZClient
* Make it easy to build and use on Windows
- Added Visual Studio 2008 solution
- Publish the source code as a Zip archive (along with tar gz and bzip2)
- Publish a file for Windows containing pre-built assemblies
2007-12-19: 0.7.3 Release
* First release that works on Linux, Mac, and Windows
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