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Mono.Zeroconf is available as zip file containing pre-compiled assemblies
useful to Windows developers, which also includes the command line tool,
MZClient. Additionally, the source code containing a Visual Studio solution
is available in a separate zip file.
a) mono-zeroconf-<version> pre-compiled assemblies
b) mono-zeroconf-<version>.zip: full source code
To run Mono.Zeroconf properly on Windows, Apple's Bonjour must be installed
first. For licensing reasons, we cannot bundle Bonjour with Mono.Zeroconf.
Bonjour for Windows can be downloaded here:
After installing Bonjour, applications using Mono.Zeroconf should work
properly on Windows.
The MZClient.exe program can be used to test Mono.Zeroconf and Bonjour
in general.