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What's new in at-spi-sharp 1.1.1:
* Fixed some exceptions when querying defunct objects.
* If we receive a ChildrenChanged signal adding a child whose index is out of
range for the cached list, re-fetch children rather than throwing an exception.
What's new in at-spi-sharp 1.1.0:
* Notify the registry when adding/removing event listeners, as is now required
as of at-spi2 0.3.90.
* GetObject() has been fixed for hyperlinks.
What's new in at-spi-sharp 1.0.91:
* Updated object path of cache object to correspond with the new at-spi2-atk.
What's new in at-spi-sharp 1.0.90:
* Children of Fillers are not cached, to work around a gail bug.