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Before beginning work on something, please post your intentions to the
mailing list ( Duplication of effort just gets
folks cranky in general.

Prior to checking anything into CVS, please send a patch to the mailing list
for approval. Any patches should be submitted in diff -u format. Also, it is
assumed that the submitter has verified that the patch does not break the
build, and hopefully that it doesn't break runtime.

Getting Started:

    Getting started with "hacking" Gtk# can seem formidable at first. However
    there is some additional information already written, to help you get
    up and going.

    Those wishing to "hack" at Gtk#, are encouraged to also read:

        o README.generator
        o sources/README

    If you still have more questions or need assitance, you can get help on
    the Gtk# mailing list and the #mono IRC channel. (Information about
    each of these is contained in the README file.)
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