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Notes, funny facts and $#&^*@# stuff on text rendering
Since there's not much documentation on every options (and parts of it is
wrong) here's are my little rambling^H notes on the subject...
- It seems that HotkeyPrefixShow is never seen when we use an underline font;
- StringFormatFlagsMeasureTrailingSpaces not only measure the trailing space,
it also render them (e.g. underline and strikeout) - but that's not true if
- DirectionRightToLeft is specified; or
- DirectionVertical is specified; or
- both DirectionRightToLeft and DirectionVertical are specified; or
- there's more than a single line being rendered
- StringFormatFlagsMeasureTrailingSpaces doesn't affect the number of
characters reported by GdipMeasureString *codepointsFitted out parameter.
I.e. all trailing space are "fitted" - even if not measured.
- HotkeyPrefix[None|Hide|Show] also has no effect on GdipMeasureString
*codepointsFitted out parameter.
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