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<p>The Mono Developers Meeting is a place for users and
developers of the open
source <a href="">Mono project</a>
to get together. We
plan on having informative sessions on the project status from
different maintainers in the project and also on projects
related to Mono.
<p><b>Important:</b> We are trying to determine how many
people would be able to attend the meeting so we can book a
venue that would properly accomodate the audience.
<p>To help us plan this event, please list your name in
the <a href="registration.aspx">registration</a> page.
<p>The event will be held on the 23rd and 24th of October.
<p>If contributors can stay longer, we will try to find space
at the Novell offices for joint development sessions after the
24th, please <a href="">email us</a> in advance.
<p>Our <a href="schedule.aspx">schedule</a> has been
published. We have left room for discussion, questions and
answers and enough time to meet other developers.
<a name="location"/>
<p>The Mono Meeting will be held in <a
href="">Royal Sonesta
Hotel</a>, Cambridge, MA in the US.
<p>For travel tips, see the <a
to Boston</a> page.
<p>If you have contacts at a University that might be
interested in hosting the event, please send us an email
<a href=""></a>