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* Compiling and installing XSP
We will assume you want to install XSP in /usr.
To compile XSP from a fresh git clone (as opposed to a tarball),
run this first:
To compile XSP and install it to /usr:
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install
If you don't specify --prefix, it will default to /usr/local.
If ./configure finds a working 'gmcs' it will automatically build a
2.0 profile version of xsp, named xsp2.
* Running XSP with the bundled tests
Go to /usr/lib/xsp/test directory and run:
mono /usr/bin/xsp.exe
You can optionally provide a port where the server should listen on:
mono /usr/bin/xsp.exe --port 80
The default port is 8080.
There are other command line options. Run:
mono /usr/bin/xsp.exe --help
to display all of them.
Notes for MS runtime users
If you're compiling under windows, you may need to copy xsp.exe,
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll and Mono.Http.dll (distributed with mono) to
xsp/server and xsp/server/test/bin directories if it's not installed for
the system.
(*) In windows, if you want to build xsp using csc, do:
MCS=csc make
You will also need IIS with support for ASP.NET for xsp to work with the
MS runtime.
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