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TreeView - MON-387 #1142

dubcanada opened this Issue Feb 25, 2013 · 7 comments

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Montage should have a tree widget to management of tree lists.

Just a thought...

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@kriskowal kriskowal closed this Feb 25, 2013
@kriskowal kriskowal reopened this Feb 25, 2013
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Sorry, wrong button. We have a draft TreeController in the integrate-bindings branch, and @mczepiel is working on a TreeView.

bhoske commented May 3, 2013

@mczepiel : hi,

Did any progress on Tree view structure development

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mczepiel commented May 3, 2013

I have an unpublished version that works on the edge branch of montage with the edge-provided treeController. It's been good enough for my simple needs and I'd be happy to post it in a gist if you want; I imagine it will make its way into edge eventually as that branch stabilizes.

bhoske commented May 6, 2013

Please can you share treeController example.
same time let me know the link of it.

Thanks in advance ...

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@bhoske here's a gist that outlines the use of our treeController and a rudimentary treeView

@kriskowal kriskowal was assigned Jun 17, 2013
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Reference for internal issue tracker: MON-387

@rayshan rayshan changed the title from MON-387 - Tree Widget to TreeView - MON-387 Feb 19, 2015
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