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<?PHP // $Id$
// lesson.php - created with Moodle 1.2 development (2003111400)
$string['actionaftercorrectanswer'] = "Action after Correct Answer";
$string['addabranchtable'] = "Add a Branch Table";
$string['addanendofbranch'] = "Add an End of Branch";
$string['addaquestionpage'] = "Add a Question Page";
$string['answer'] = "Answer";
$string['answersfornumerical'] = "Answers for Numerical questions should be matched pairs of Minimum and Maximum values";
$string['attempt'] = "Attempt: \$a";
$string['attempts'] = "Attempts";
$string['available'] = "Available from";
$string['branchtable'] = "Branch Table";
$string['canretake'] = "\$a can Re-take";
$string['casesensitive'] = "Case Sensitive";
$string['checknavigation'] = "Check navigation";
$string['checkbranchtable'] = "Check Branch Table";
$string['checkquestion'] = "Check Question";
$string['confirmdeletionofthispage'] = "Confirm deletion of this page";
$string['congratulations'] = "Congratulations - end of lesson reached";
$string['continue'] = "Continue";
$string['deadline'] = "Deadline";
$string['deleting'] = "Deleting";
$string['deletingpage'] = "Deleting page: \$a";
$string['description'] = "Description";
$string['displayofgrade'] = "Display of grade (for students only)";
$string['endofbranch'] = "End of Branch";
$string['endoflesson'] = "End of lesson";
$string['fileformat'] = "File Format";
$string['firstanswershould'] = "First Answer should Jump to the &quot;Correct&quot Page";
$string['gradeis'] = "Grade is \$a";
$string['handlingofretakes'] = "Handling of Re-takes";
$string['here'] = "here";
$string['importquestions'] = "Import Questions";
$string['jump'] = "Jump";
$string['maximumnumberofanswersbranches'] = "Maximum number of answers/branches";
$string['maximumnumberofattempts'] = "Maximum number of Attempts";
$string['minimumnumberofquestions'] = "Minimum number of Questions";
$string['modulename'] = "Lesson";
$string['modulenameplural'] = "Lessons";
$string['multianswer'] = "Multianswer";
$string['movepagehere'] = "Move page to here";
$string['moving'] = "Moving page: \$a";
$string['movingtonextpage'] = "Moving to Next Page";
$string['multipleanswer'] = "Multiple Answer";
$string['nextpage'] = "Next page";
$string['noanswer'] = "No answer given";
$string['noattemptrecordsfound'] = "No Attempt Records Found: No Grade given";
$string['nobranchtablefound'] = "No Branch Table found";
$string['normal'] = "Normal - follow Lesson Path";
$string['notdefined'] = "Not Defined";
$string['notitle'] = "No Title";
$string['numberofcorrectanswers'] = "Number of correct answers: \$a";
$string['numberofcorrectmatches'] = "Number of Correct Matches: \$a";
$string['numberofpagesviewed'] = "Number of pages viewed: \$a";
$string['numberofpagestoshow'] = "Number of Pages (Cards) to Show";
$string['ordered'] = "Ordered";
$string['outof'] = "Out of \$a";
$string['questiontype'] = "Question Type";
$string['questionoption'] = "Question Option";
$string['page'] = "Page: \$a";
$string['pages'] = "Pages";
$string['pagecontents'] = "Page contents";
$string['pagetitle'] = "Page title";
$string['pleasecheckoneanswer'] = "Please check one Answer";
$string['pleasecheckoneormoreanswers'] = "Please check one or more Answers";
$string['pleaseenteryouranswerinthebox'] = "Please enter your Answer in the Box";
$string['pleasematchtheabovepairs'] = "Please match the above Pairs";
$string['reached'] = "reached";
$string['redisplaypage'] = "Redisplay Page";
$string['response'] = "Response";
$string['sanitycheckfailed'] = "Sanity Check Failed: This attempt has been deleted";
$string['savepage'] = "Save page";
$string['singleanswer'] = "Single Answer";
$string['showanunseenpage'] = "Show an Unseen Page";
$string['showanunansweredpage'] = "Show an unanswered Page";
$string['thatsthecorrectanswer'] = "That's the Correct Answer";
$string['thatsthewronganswer'] = "That's the Wrong Answer";
$string['thefollowingpagesjumptothispage'] = "The following Pages jump to this Page";
$string['thispage'] = "This page";
$string['useeditor'] = "Use Editor";
$string['usemaximum'] = "Use Maximum";
$string['usemean'] = "Use Mean";
$string['youhaveseen'] = "You have seen more than one page of this lesson already.<br />Do you want to start at the last page you saw?";
$string['youranswer'] = "Your Answer";
$string['yourcurrentgradeis'] = "Your current Grade is \$a";
$string['youshouldview'] = "You should view at least: \$a";
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