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This files describes API changes for quiz report plugins.
Overview of this plugin type at
=== 2.3 ===
* Support for the old way of doing cron in a separate cron.php file has been removed.
Instead, you need a lib.php file inside the plugin with a cron function
called quiz_myreportname_cron(). The statistics report is an example of how
it should be done.
* There was a big refactor of the quiz reports, in issues MDL-32300, MDL-32322 and MDL-3030.
It is difficult to explain the changes. Probably the best way to understand what
happened is to look at
git log mod/quiz/report/overview
git log mod/quiz/report/responses
and so on. Here are some notes on a few of the changes:
The class quiz_attempt_report was renamed to quiz_attempts_report (with an extra s).
Some globally defined constants with the prefix QUIZ_REPORT_ATTEMPTS_ moved into
the quiz_attempts_report class. Specifically
quiz_attempts_report::ALL_WITH replaces QUIZ_REPORT_ATTEMPTS_ALL
Your if you have a table class, it needs to be renamed like
quiz_report_myreportname_table -> quiz_myreportname_table. That is, all the
class names in your plugin should start with the frankenstyle plugin name
=== 2.2 ===
* Plugins should be converted to implement cron in the standard way. In lib.php,
define a
function quiz_myreportname_cron() {};
This replaces the old way of having a separate cron.php file. Also, the cron
frequency should be defined in version.php, not in the quiz_reports table.
=== earlier versions ===
* ... API changes were not documented properly. Sorry. (There weren't many!)
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