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<?PHP //$Id$
// This file keeps track of upgrades to Moodle's
// blocks system.
// Sometimes, changes between versions involve
// alterations to database structures and other
// major things that may break installations.
// The upgrade function in this file will attempt
// to perform all the necessary actions to upgrade
// your older installtion to the current version.
// If there's something it cannot do itself, it
// will tell you what you need to do.
// Versions are defined by backup_version.php
// This file is tailored to PostgreSQL
function blocks_upgrade($oldversion=0) {
global $CFG;
$result = true;
if ($oldversion < 2004041000 and $result) {
$result = execute_sql("
CREATE TABLE {$CFG->prefix}blocks
name varchar(40) NOT NULL default '',
version INT8 NOT NULL default '0',
cron INT8 NOT NULL default '0',
lastcron INT8 NOT NULL default '0',
visible int NOT NULL default '1'
") ;
//Finally, return result
return $result;
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