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$string['blockname'] = 'Global Search';
$string['configbuttonlabel'] = 'Button label';
$string['configenablefileindexing'] = 'Enable file indexing';
$string['configfiletypes'] = 'File types handled';
$string['configlimitindexbody'] = 'Indexed body size limitation';
$string['configpdftotextcmd'] = 'Path to command pdftotext';
$string['configwordtotextcmd'] = 'Path to command doctotext';
$string['configwordtotextenv'] = 'Environment setting for the MSWord converter';
$string['configsearchtext'] = 'Search text';
$string['go'] = 'Go!';
$string['bytes'] = ' bytes (0 stands for no limits)';
$string['searchmoodle'] = 'Search Moodle';
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