Try/Catch in function.attempt prevents errors from showing up in console #2445

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I'm not sure if it's an error, but it certainly caused me a lot of headaches.

Function.attempt is wrapped with a try/catch block that prevents errors from showing up. It doesn't seem to be serving any other purpose that I can see beside hiding errors which doesn't seem correct to me.

To see the problem consider this function

function foo(){
var test = value.x

if you call the function via attempt like


You'll receive no error message instead the application will fail silently and the developer is forced to track down the error with nothing to go on. This may not be a bug, but it's definitely not optimal.

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I'm not entirely sure if you are trolling or not but the purpose, as the function name suggests, is to attempt executing the function and in case of an error to discard and ignore it. You either get a result or you don't. If you do want the error to show up, do not use this method. Easy.

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