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version <future>:
- freeze frame
version 1.0.14:
- new blend merger with support for compositing blend modes
- added angular-bootstrap and angular-animate dependencies
- fixed issues related to crossorigin images used in icons
- reimplemented volume slider as pop up
- removed experimental flag from export_audio_codec option
- removed preset switch from export_video_codec option
- better styling of player sliders
version 1.0.13:
- fixed paths in index.max.html
- mount all of moviemasher.js in development container
- fixed errant zoom/scrolling behavior
version 1.0.12:
- more forgiving of bad PHP responses (v4.0.16)
- simpler docker-compose commands in README
version 1.0.11:
- chromakey effect
- improvements to documentation
version 1.0.10:
- sepia, blur, and other color channel mixer effects
- upgraded angular and other bower components
- support for docker-compose
- switched indent_style to double spaces
version 1.0.9:
- support for Roles via aws-sdk-php
- upgraded angular file uploader
version 1.0.8:
- color theme RGB fix
- load php utility script
- better support for third party services
- now including duration in complete callback
- new split clip feature
- no longer using sslv3 in AWS requests
version 1.0.6:
- proper Bower dependency structure
version 1.0.5:
- added ignore to bower.json
version 1.0.4:
- docker support added