Builds native dependencies for addons which require them.
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Addon builder

Build Status

Addon builder for the Web of Things gateway/

This repository will build addons for OSX, Linux, and Raspberry Pi variants of the gateway.

Use the script to initiate a build. Modifying any of the files in this repository and pushing them will also trigger a build of all of the adapters.

The will trigger a travis job to start building an image. You can check the progress by watching

If you only want to build for one adapter, you can pass that adapter on the command line.

./ gpio-adapter

Deployed tarballs

The tarballs that are built will be deployed to mozilla-gateway-addons AWS bucket. URLs to the addons will be printed at the end of the job. You can also view all of the addons by using:

aws s3 ls s3://mozilla-gateway-addons/

Building the docker cross compiler image

To build the docker image, do the following steps:

git clone
cd docker-raspberry-pi-cross-compiler
git checkout rpxc-stretch
export RPXC_IMAGE=dhylands/raspberry-pi-cross-compiler-stretch
docker push ${RPXC_IMAGE}

If you're not dhylands then you'll need to change the username appropriately, and also modify the script in this repository.