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This is a MicroPython version of webthing-python.

This has been tested on an ESP-WROVER-KIT and a SparkFun ESP32 Thing using the loboris version of ESP32 MicroPython. The loboris port has a forked copy of https://github.com/jczic/MicroWebSrv and this requires some further changes which can be found here:


Building and Flashing MicroPython

Using https://github.com/dhylands/MicroPython_ESP32_psRAM_LoBo/tree/rest-improvements follow the directions in the README.md file

Installing webthing-upy

I used version 0.0.12 of rshell to copy the webthing-upy files to the board. The ESP-WROVER-KIT board advertises 2 serial ports. Use the second port (typically /dev/ttyUSB1). The SparkFun ESP32 Thing only advertises a single serial port.

Edit the config.py with an appropriate SSID and password. Edit main.py to be appropriate for the board you're using.

Sample main.py for the SparkFun ESP32 Thing:

import start

Sample main.py for the ESP-WROVER-KIT:

import start

For debugging, remove main.py and enter commands at the REPL manually.

$ cd webthing-upy
$ rshell -a --buffer-size=30 --port=/dev/ttyUSB1
webthing-upy> rsync -v . /flash
webthing-upy> repl
>>> Control-D

Pressing Control-D will cause the board to soft reboot which will start executing main.py.