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Firefox Voice is an experiment in a voice-controlled web user agent
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Firefox Voice

Firefox Voice is an experiment from Mozilla Research.

Firefox Voice is a browser extension that allows you to give voice commands to your browser, such as "what is the weather?" or "find the gmail tab". Ultimately the goal is to see if we can facilitate meaningful user interactions with the web using just voice-based interactions. Initially the goal is to provide any useful interactions.


If you are using Windows, please install WSL, as the installation won't work from a normal Windows command prompt.

The developer installation is:

npm install
npm start

This will launch a new Firefox browser with the extension installed. You should probably have Nightly or Developer Edition installed.

By default this will use Firefox Nightly, but you can override this with the environmental variable $FIREFOX (you can point it to a release version, but some things may not work; also you can use a localized Firefox or an unbranded Firefox). You can also set $PROFILE to a directory where the profile information is kept (it defaults to ./Profile/).

Using in-development versions

It's possible to install and use in-development versions of the extension. Every commit to master is built into the dev build, and when we prepare for a release and merge to stage is used to create the stage build.

The version numbers are increased for each release and each commit, but are not sequential.

Viewing Intent Information

There is an index of intents (commands) that is viewable if you open the panel, click on the gear/settings, and follow the "Intent Viewer" link.


See the guidelines for contributing to this project.

This project is governed by a Code Of Conduct.

To disclose potential a security vulnerability please see our security documentation.


This module is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.

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